As the date of the CLAT exam approaches, law aspirants boost their preparation and spend more time on their study schedule. Considering the level of competition and the difficulty of the exam, students need to give the best shot to the last-minute CLAT preparation tips. Moreover, there are certain things that should be avoided to ace the exam. 

Hence, we have curated some of the best last-minute CLAT preparation tips for the CLAT exam, which will help students to avoid unnecessary anxiety and pressure and score good marks. We have included essential things like mock tests, critical elements for preparation, etc. 

When to start last-minute CLAT preparation?

Usually, the last month preparation starts at least one month before the exam. This period of one month is so crucial to make your preparation more robust and give it the right path for success. 

Last-Minute CLAT Preparation Tips

Develop right strategy

Before starting your preparation, you must work on creating a good strategy that you can follow during the entire time before the exam. To help you frame the right strategy, we have highlighted some points here. Ask yourself a number of important questions, like:

  • How much syllabus have you covered?
  • What are the important topics for the CLAT exam?
  • How many CLAT mock tests have you taken?
  • How much time have you left for preparation?

When you have answers to such questions, you will definitely get an idea of what you need to do. Based on the answers, frame a strategy. 

Attempt Mock Tests

CLAT mock test series is the best way to analyze your level of preparation for CLAT 2021. Moreover, the mock tests give you an idea about the kind of pattern of questions to expect in the real exam. These are created based on actual exam papers and questions. You must practice more and more mock tests to level up your preparation. Another benefit of the CLAT practice test is that you learn how to manage time during the examination. 

Learn Time Management 

CLAT exam paper comes with several types of questions that test you for different skills, like time management, critical thinking, reading, etc. You will have limited time to answer comprehension questions of various subjects and topics. Many students can’t crack the CLAT exam because they fail to manage their time efficiently during the exam. Some questions remain unanswered, which can’t be afforded in such a competitive examination. 

To learn time management, you should practice mock tests, solve sample papers, and study according to the strategy created by you. Don’t compromise with your time before and during the exam. 

Take Care of Your Health

You need to be physically fit and healthy to reduce stress and anxiety, study efficiently, and work according to your plan. Imagine yourself not being able to study because of bad health. It will waste your time and decrease your chances of cracking the exam. You might have dedicated your time to CLAT online courses and the best CLAT preparation books, but if you are not well, nothing will work. 

Therefore, you must take a healthy and balanced diet and keep doing some physical activities like morning jog, exercises, etc. Physical fitness also helps you to avoid laziness and stay hyperactive. 

Avoid New Topics at Last Minute

When you have only a few days left before the exam, you shouldn’t look out for studying new topics. It is the best time for revising what you have already learnt and remembered. Avoid adding new topics to your CLAT study material and focus on what you have already studied. It is because new things can create more burden on your mind and affect your performance.

Don’t Compromise with Sleeping

When the exam date approaches, many students feel a lack of time and pressure to revise the entire syllabus. It generally happens when you don’t study with a strategy and waste time. In such scenarios, the students try to study till late in the night and compromise with the normal sleep cycle. Some students get into the habit of staying awake till late in the night and then wake up very late in the morning. 

You need to understand that there is a massive difference in the sleep quality you get at night and day. If you are making this mistake, then get rid of it. It hampers your brain and your ability to study and remember things. 

Wrapping Up:

The last-minute CLAT preparation holds huge importance in cracking the exam. Most of the time, this proves to be a game-changing strategy for law aspirants. By following the tips mentioned above, you can improve your level of preparation and increase your chances of cracking the exam.