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Online Test Series

Rs 5000 Rs 2500 (50% off)

  • 25 Mock Tests
  • CLAT EXPRESS- in-house monthly magazine for Current Affairs
  • Access to LMS portal for test resources
  • 5000+ questions (assorted as topic wise tests) with analytics and explained solutions
  • Tests are designed as per the latest trends in CLAT
  • Exam relevant contents
Offline Test Series

Rs 8000 Rs 5999 (25% off)

  • 20 Offline Mock Tests
  • Access to LMS portal for test resources
  • CLAT EXPRESS- in-house monthly magazine for Current Affairs
  • Tests are designed keeping in mind the latest trends in CLAT
  • Exam relevant contents
Correspondence Course

Rs 20000 Rs 9999 (50% off)

  • 14 Mentor Books with theory and explanations
  • 40 Mocks (20 Offline + 20 Online)
  • CLAT EXPRESS- in-house monthly magazine for Current Affairs
  • Access to LMS portal for test resources
  • Tests are designed keeping in mind the latest trends in CLAT

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Law Prep Tutorial the best CLAT coaching institute?

Law Prep Tutorial is the most preferred choice for CLAT Coaching as it offers the ultimate “Getting into Law School” program,  Serving the best results for many years, recently one of our students got AIR 1 with 9 more students in the top 50 with the efforts of best and well-experienced experts.  Here at Law Prep Tutorial, we aim at achieving the targets for promising results. The top coaching institute also offers online notes so that it helps candidates to review them later. No doubt it is the best coaching institute for CLAT in India, it provides Online Classes so that you can make your own schedule and prep for CLAT Coaching.


Percent success rate in student selections


Students already secured their future with us


We deliver so much more than the competition

Know the benefits you get with Law Prep Tutorial

Law Prep Tutorial, the top CLAT coaching institute in India provides students with Classroom Courses, Correspondence Courses, Online Courses, and Tests, with offline test series also. Just on the basis of your ability and interest, get coaching in the best institute for CLAT in India. Law Prep Tutorial programs are arranged to focus on the smallest insights, creating a problem-solving environment, and excelling in all the methods to get the desired score.
Over the year, Law Prep Tutorial has gained astral popularity in achieving success and training students with best possible ways. We have some best CLAT mentors that one has to offer. These mentors are available to students in class and as well as outside the classroom to solve all of their queries.
Law Prep tutorial cherishes a vision to inspire students to achieve success and happiness by giving them the best environment to focus on their goals and providing free General awareness, Legal Aptitude, Legal GK, Logical Reasoning with Mathematics & English. Also, personal guidance and doubt clearing sessions are provided to give the students an edge over others.  Feel free to be a part of our family for the best and 100% result.

“Law Prep has the best comprehensive material and highest number of mocks for CLAT and AILET. The best part is Each and Every mock/Tests was discussed afterwards. So I knew what I was doing wrong and then I would discuss the ways to improve and work on my mistakes with Law Prep Faculties. Law Prep is best and unmatched.”

JatinNLU Delhi

“I got very good exposure by opportunity to get coaching in Law Prep Tutorial, which helped me to build up my confidence & knowledge.”

Aditya sharmaNLSIU Bangalore

“Law Prep not only helped me plan my study systematically but also joining Law Prep was like you get parental care. The mentors were considerate enough to call me and motivate me throughout the course of preparation.”

Aastha BhansaliNLSIU Bangalore

“Law Prep Tutorial provides plenty of tests to measure your preparation. The standard and quality of questions is just outstanding and closely follows the format of CLAT.”

KshitijNLSIU Bangalore

“I am thankful to my mentors at Law Prep Tutorial for being the guiding light throughout my Law School.”

SahajNLSIU Bangalore

“The Program certainly equips a student to come out victorious in the fiercely competitive Law school.”

PrakshalNLSIU Bangalore

“Temple of learning! Most comprehensive study material and inexhaustible efforts of the faculty make it the best institute for preparation of law entrance examinations. I had remarkable experience while studying at Law Prep Tutorial. I don't think that anyone can get this environment at any other institute.”

AmitNLU Delhi

“Law Prep provides Excellent faculty, excellent material. It is the best coaching for the law aspirants. The reason why to study at law prep is as compared to other coaching is that they motivate you to the last. Kudos to the teachers and staff.”

HarshitaNLSIU Bangalore

“Law prep has provided me with the most comprehensive and enriched material for my preparations. The teacher’s involvement and dedicated teaching provides a support for our preparation. Also, solving 90 +mock tests, both offline and online, instilled a sense of confidence for the actual CLAT. I highly recommend law prep to all law aspirants.”

LokendraNLU Delhi

“Undoubtedly Law Prep is the best institute for the preparation of CLAT. Today, if I am in NLS, Bangalore, it is just because of Law Prep. Entire credit for my success goes to Law Prep.”

Pooja SinghNLSIU Bangalore

“More then 90% Questions Were form our mock Tests. The Credit of my Success Clearly Goes to law Prep Mentors Systems.”

Aayush AgarwalNLSIU Bangalore

“I am thrilled to say that after studying at Law Prep Tutorial I have achieved my AILET Rank. I cannot recommend Law Prep highly enough. Law Prep provides calm and reassuring teaching environment which helped me think clearly even in my most panicked moments. The strategies that Law Prep Tutorial provided helped me master allowed me to see huge improvements in my weak area.”

PragyaNLU Delhi

“The credit for my confidence and crystal clear concepts goes to the exceptional faculty of Law prep Tutorial who leave no stone unturned in maximizing our experience.”

VishwajeetNLSIU Bangalore

“The team at Law Prep was essential in helping me get the AILET Score I needed to get into NLU, Delhi. They offer a fantastic service for test preparation and tutored me in my problem subjects in a way that was designed for how I learn. I started improving my score exceptionally well since I joined Law Prep and really owe it all to Material and Mentors at Law Prep. THANK YOU!”

SatvikNLU Delhi

“Law Prep provides with best preparation resources. They provide with highest number Mocks and Class/Subject/Topic Wise Test. Every test is than discussed with students. Sagar Sir conducted personal counselling sessions with each student to analyze challenges faced during preparation. That helped a lot. Finally, so much motivation to succeed cannot be provided at any other place than Law Prep Tutorial.”

DhananjayNLSIU Bangalore

“With an unending amount of patience and energy, Law Prep Team creatively formulates ways to teach students of all capabilities and learning styles. They are extremely attuned to the needs of CLAT aspirants. Law Prep Team’s passion for CLAT Preparation is unmatchable and any student would be lucky to be part of Law Prep.”

Samiksha BhargavaNLSIU Bangalore

“As a student of Law Prep I can say that Law Prep is an outstanding CLAT Preparation Institute. Committed to the success and education of their students, Law Prep Faculties work tirelessly to formulate intriguing and interactive lessons to stimulate the minds of his students.”

SwastikNLSIU Bangalore

“Constructive inputs and throughout guidance of my mentors helped me in my NLU Bangalore selection. A very interesting and valuable experience. Thanks to Law Prep.”

AnamikaNLSIU Bangalore

“Law Prep is fantastic. The material is great and the content well taught. The classes are really well run and provide an excellent experience for anyone interested in pursuing a legal career/ profession through CLAT. I think my time at Law Prep prepared me well for CLAT.”

Jay BhaskarNLSIU Bangalore

“Law Prep provides an environment in which students are able to reach their full potential. With the level and number of Mock Test and Topic Test as well as the consistent guidance of the teachers, one feels constantly motivated to push themselves to exceed what is expected.”

Umang AgarwalNLSIU Bangalore

“Having a good reasoning and debating skills and a keen interest of entering in a profession concerned with matters of mind, the field of law has always attracted me. For attempting CLAT, I chose to learn from the best. Law Prep is a fantastic solution for CLAT preparation, particularly when everyone is in dark about what to expect.”

Gunjan JadiyaNLSIU Bangalore

“Law Prep was an invaluable experience and instilled a sense of confidence in me for clearing CLAT. I would recommend Law Prep to anyone serious about succeeding in CLAT.”

Unnayan MishraNALSAR Hyderabad

“Law Prep was an invaluable experience and instilled a sense of confidence in me for clearing CLAT. I would recommend Law Prep to anyone serious about succeeding in CLAT.”

Tilak DangiNALSAR Hyderabad

“I really enjoyed the variety of tests I got to attempt. It covered a broad spectrum and gave me a nice overview of the practice.”

Hamir SinghNALSAR Hyderabad

“I chose Law Prep because I needed a good score, had to increase my focus and stop procrastination and I lacked shortcuts to get to the right/best answers. I don’t think I could have done so well without Sagar Sir and Law Prep.”

Prithvi JodhiNALSAR Hyderabad

“Law Prep faculties were always there to help and they are committed to developing students's analytical skills.”

Ayush GoyalNLU

“I found the test interesting and challenging as there were all possibly expected verities of questions to solve from.”

Khushi MaheshwariNLSIU Bangalore

“Relevant course modules, allowing for greater depth, clarity and knowledge. Very much valuable. Learning was fun and fruitful.”

Shatvik KhatriNLSIU Bangalore

“The guidance of Law Prep was very much valuable. The study material is easy to understand and the course is designed in a manner that learning is not limited.”

Somil JhanwarNLSIU Bangalore

“Law Prep mentors not only prepare the students for the intense academic challenge of CLAT but their guidance helps the students to enter the NLU with the needed knowledge.”

Sania AbbasiNLSIU Bangalore

“A deeper fundamental understanding of the subjects, consistent guidance, knowledge and passion of my mentors, CLAT pattern based test helped me in securing my seat in NLU Bangalore.”

Rajat MalooNLSIU Bangalore

“The Law Prep Course is not only material but the whole package, thus it definitely helps student and save them from wasting their hard work on general matter.”

Arvind TiwariNALSAR Hyderabad

“Law Prep team only focuses on the law entrance exam; this definitely gives them a upper hand over other institutes which are into all kinds of entrance exam. Just to start with the difference is very much visible in the course material itself.”

Aditya BhayalNALSAR Hyderabad

“I am thankful to my mentors at Law Prep Tutorial for being the guiding light throughout my Law school admission preparation. The entire program is very systematically planned and focuses on cementing concepts.”

ChandreshNLSIU Bangalore

“The reason for my success is definitely Law Prep Tutorial Only.”

Prankul BoobnaNALSAR Hyderabad

“Law Prep material is much focused and not a general one. It is set apart from others on the basis of the aspects like Mentoring Meetings, Support and Guidance system, Score Improving techniques, Time Management skills and Student Performance Analysis.”

Saarthak JainNLSIU Bangalore

“This is a great program for anyone looking to improve their scores and maximize their potential with elements like Activity Based Learning, Test taking tricks, Sectional and topic wise Tests, Support and Guidance system and Student Performance Analysis. Please KNOW that the achievement of your dreams does not come without a lot of hard work. But hard work in right direction is the key to success. Law Prep Course provided for that right direction to my hard work.”

Vidisha SharmaNLSIU Bangalore

“Thank you Law Prep, for your help and support along with exceptional course material. It's been a long road, but I think I have made it.”

Garvit SharmaNLSIU Bangalore

“I have never realized my full proficiency, always scoring lower on actual exams than on practice exams. Then, after the guidance under Law Prep and the Full Potential course material with features like Student Performance Analysis, Doubt Solving Session, core Improving Techniques, Subject and topic wise focus studies, Time Management skills, I was able to gain the confidence, focus and proficiency to increase my score.”

Shubhangi MaheshwariNLSIU Bangalore

“I highly recommend Law Prep to anyone who really needs to reach their potential and get the Law school they want.”

VarshaNLSIU Bangalore

“Law Prep Tutorial set me up perfectly for success. The academic lectures gave a realistic road map on how to do well in exam. I enjoyed the way in which the subject matter was presented as it allowed me to study each subject further, allowing for greater depth, clarity and knowledge and the practice of 90+ Mock Tests kept me in good stead.”

Priyanka VishnoiNLSIU Bangalore

“The course material is easy to follow and contain all the information you require. The mentors are always on hand with advice and assistance, both with the practical side of studying (such as revision tips) and academic support when clarity is needed.”

Kaushal JaisalmeriaNUJS Kolkata

“Law Prep’s CLAT Preparation Package is ‘THE BEST’ as it focuses on the exam pattern and possible questions. I myself felt the change as soon as I started with the course and the success followed.”

Kashish MakkarNLSIU Bangalore

“I attribute my success to having a strong foundation and a great support. Thanks to Law Prep Tutorial.”

SumerNUJS Kolkata

“Activity Based Learning, Test taking tricks, Time management Practice sessions, Mentoring Meetings, Support and Guidance system, Score Improving techniques, Sectional and Topic Wise Tests….. these are just few of the Law Prep features which helped me tremendously to get through CLAT and secure a set in NLSIU.”

Natansh JainNLSIU Bangalore

“I joined Law Prep for preparing for CLAT. It gives me immense pleasure to let you all know that I was able to successfully get through CLAT.”

Samyak NavediaNLSIU Bangalore

“Activity Based Learning, Test Taking Techniques, Paper Attempting Strategies, Personal Attention, Supprt and Guidance System and many more. It is just INCREDIBLE! Law Prep ROCKS!!”

HimeshNLSIU Bangalore

“The credit for my confidence and crystal clear concepts goes to the exceptional faculty of Law prep Tutorial.”

Tarun SinghNLSIU Bangalore

Students are achieving new heights with Law Prep Tutorial

Law Prep Tutorial has over 18 years of experience in teaching law aspirants and helping students achieve their dreams. The coaching institute has a 40% success rate in student selections, and over 5000 students have already secured their future with us moreover, one of their students also secured the AIR 1 in CLAT 2019. Law Prep Tutorial delivers much more than its competitors as they have been consistently striving to make law entrance exams easier for the students every single day.

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