CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) is one of the most competitive and challenging law exams. Why shouldn’t it be? For anyone pursuing a successful career in law, CLAT is a crucial step in their academic and professional journey. 

Over 60,000 aspirants attempt it every year to get admission to National Law Universities (NLUs) across the country. Cracking CLAT is certainly an overwhelming and memorable moment for aspiring lawyers. 

However, achieving success in CLAT is not a cakewalk. It’s not enough to pass the exam, candidates have to attain top ranks on the merit list to secure a seat in their desired NLU.

How to Prepare CLAT 2024

We understand that you are already tense about the exam, and we don’t mean to add to your worries. 

Instead, we are here to help with strategies on how to prepare for CLAT 2024 exam. Studying for CLAT is primarily about working on areas you can control, such as: 

  • reading newspapers regularly,
  • making notes, 
  • attend classes and refer to study materials,
  • practising sample papers, 
  • practicing mock tests,
  • working on reading speed and tracking it,
  • sticking to schedules,
  • make a weekly revision habit,
  • Connect with mentors right from the beginning,

and letting the rest of the things fall in place automatically. 

Here’s a detailed CLAT preparation strategy for 2024 exam, including tips and tricks you must follow for desired results.

Get Familiar with CLAT 2024 Syllabus

Before you prepare for the big day, make sure you have a detailed pattern and the syllabus of CLAT 2024. Don’t rush and start studying from random books recommended by your novice friends. 

Visit authentic and credible websites, download the CLAT preparation syllabus, go through all the topics, understand the exam structure, and then plan your studies. 

Moreover, get a fair knowledge of exam mode, types of questions, and important topics to have a better idea. While you go through the syllabus and pattern, evaluate the approximate time you would need to prepare for each subject and create a routine accordingly. You can set targets for week-wise syllabus and revise them on weekends to bring consistency and regularity. 

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Have a Schedule and Stick to It

Every CLAT candidate must have a well-thought study plan. Almost all CLAT toppers emphasise having a detailed timetable for CLAT preparation, which always comes in handy. 

It is all the more important when you have time constraints. You need to cover a vast syllabus in a few months, and there will be no magic. You must divide your daily study hours meticulously so you can learn all topics and spare enough time for practice. 

Many aspirants just keep on wondering how to prepare for CLAT 2024, but forget the basics, like creating and sticking to a timetable. 

Focus on completing the syllabus at least 2-3 months before the final exam date so you can revise them again and give several mock tests. Be consistent and prioritise topics from most to least important based on their weightage. If you are already well-versed in one topic, invest more time in the ones you are weak at.

Don’t Shy Away from Seeking Guidance

Despite wondering how to prepare for CLAT 2024 and facing several challenges, many students refrain from asking for help from experts. You would be amazed to know how beneficial result-oriented CLAT coaching can be. 

Studying with like-minded people and getting mentored by experienced teachers can work wonders for your scores. So, join reliable and trusted CLAT coaching classes and seek guidance from expert faculty members. 

During the coaching, institutes like Law Prep Tutorial provide every help possible and explain all the concepts in detail. Moreover, the experienced faculties work on your weaknesses and help you build confidence to reach your goals. 

Stay connected with your subject mentors from the beginning, discuss every mock test and sample paper, ensure one-on-one interaction whenever you feel stressed, and implement their suggestions and advice in your study plan. 

You also get to practice free mock tests, which is immensely advantageous in assessing your knowledge and performance. Based on these tests, you can work to improve weaker sections.

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Trust Your Classes and Study Material

When you join a CLAT coaching institute, make classes your constant partner. Never miss a class, doubt session, or test because even one missed class can hamper your preparation.

Also, teachers provide important notes in every class, make sure you have a separate diary for them. Note down every tip, trick, advice, and other details in it. You should have a file of all the study material and learning resources provided in your coaching and refer to them every now and then. Trust us, they can be quite helpful during revisions.

Make sure that you don’t skip a class or mock test. Each test makes you better and teaches you something new. Also, they prepare you for the toughest exam and help you make subject-wise preparation strategy. 

Hone Your Reading Skills

Most candidates who have appeared in the last few years’ CLAT have found the exam paper lengthy. Due to complex passages, they couldn’t attempt all questions even though they knew the answers. 

So, it’s time to learn from their mistakes and work on your reading skills. 

To inculcate this habit, start reading English newspapers daily. For instance, you can read The Hindu, Business Standard, and Indian Express. For instance, you can refer to Law Prep Tutorial’s YouTube channel where you get regular analysis of The Hindu newspaper. Rest assured that our videos will help you immensely. 

How to Prepare for CLAT 2024 Exam

You can also read informative magazines and fiction books, legal documents, editorials, and journals to enhance your reading speed. Prefer reading articles related to law to get familiar with legal terminologies. 

Track your reading speed and improve it as it will help you in case you get lengthy passages in the main exam. Allot at least 45 minutes a day to read, and your vocabulary and general knowledge will be brilliant in no time. 

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Prioritise Time Management

One of the most important CLAT preparation tips for 2024 exam is to start early. Don’t wait for the eleventh hour to open your books. 

Start preparing at least 6-9 months earlier as it will give you enough time for revisions and know where you lack or commit mistakes. Time management brings consistency to your routine and allows you to work on the core skills required to crack CLAT on the first try. 

Many students find it hard to attempt all questions because they don’t know how to divide exam time between each section. But time management enables you to give multiple CLAT mock tests to ensure that you complete the entire paper on time. One of the best tricks for revision is to revise what you study on a weekly basis. 

Practise, Practise, Practise

This can’t be said enough. 

CLAT candidates are always encouraged to take as many mock tests as possible to excel in the exam. They are advised to solve 40-50 sample papers and the previous years’ exam papers. 

Don’t be afraid that you might not perform well because these tests are critical to improving your speed and accuracy. Also, it helps you understand the difficulty level of each section, current question trends, and frequently asked topics. 

You will know which areas need more effort. Moreover, taking mock tests builds a habit of solving CLAT papers within the stipulated time and boosts your confidence. 

CLAT Exam Preparation

Final Thoughts:

We hope the above-mentioned tips have answered the most common question of law aspirants: ‘how to prepare for CLAT 2024?’. Remember, the key is to start early, be regular, and join a trusted CLAT coaching institute

CLAT can be a stepping stone to your exciting professional journey, and you can not make mistakes. So, follow these tips, give your best shot, and we are sure you will achieve your target. All the Best!