In order to avoid the last-minute hassle, students need to start preparing as early as possible. If you dream of being in the most coveted National Law Universities of India, you must be very clear on how to strategize & balance your preparation. To watch this dream come true, you need to execute with all the force, skill, and potential that is inside you. Cracking CLAT isn’t as easy as you may think, but with proper CLAT planning and CLAT strategy, you can easily make it.

The CLAT exam has evolved in all these years and has become even more exhaustive, and the factors like the open syllabus and increasing competition have made it necessary for students to prepare under proper guidance.

Make a Preparation Plan

It is essential for the students to make a detailed preparation plan for CLAT before delving into anything else. Be clear with your strategy and allocate enough time to each and every subject of the exam. Stick to your routine and devote significant time to study for CLAT on a daily basis.

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Believe CLAT is Attainable

Before you presume that students who crack CLAT belong to a different species, understand that practising can help anyone crack the CLAT exam. Start by researching the syllabus and pattern so you know how to equip yourself to crack CLAT. Keep going and keep chasing your dreams.

Take Time into Account

The time required by every candidate to prepare for CLAT varies from person to person. So, the strategy will be different for every individual. Make your own strategy and understand how much time you will need to complete your CLAT preparation.

Practise Mock Tests

CLAT Syllabus includes five subjects – English Language and Reading Comprehension, Legal Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, General Knowledge, and Maths. You’ll know where you stand in each of the subjects only after practicing a handful of CLAT mock test series. The CLAT mock scores will give you an idea of your strong and weak areas. But when you start preparing, it’s normal to have a higher number of weak areas than the strong ones. 

Analyze Mock Tests

If you are consistently taking mock tests and not analyzing them, there will be no scope for improvement. If you are investing 3 hours in attempting a mock test, then you must spend double the time analyzing your mistakes. Scrutinize what brought your score down and what are the mistakes that you make way too often. Also, think what process you use to solve the question that went wrong and then discuss it with your mentor or a friend.

Smartly Devise And Work Hard  

Students hear it often that ‘Make a timetable’. But, just making a timetable is not enough; CLAT preparation is a balancing act. Try making realistic plans so you can adhere to them and prepare consistently. Once you make a strategy, your time will be divided between the strong areas and areas you need to polish. Hence you can easily work harder on the subjects that need extra efforts. Make a schedule that will suit you the best. 

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Scan The Previous Years’ Papers

Previous years’ papers will give you an idea about the exam pattern, style, important topics, difficulty level of questions, and most importantly, your current level of CLAT preparation. This is a smart strategy since you’ll know exactly what amount of effort needs to be put on the various topics.

Be mentally prepared to give the best in the exam. You have prepared well and so don’t wait for the luck to smile on you at the last minute. If you dream to secure a seat in the top National Law Universities, then give your best shot. Stay healthy, stay positive, stay confident, and keep believing in yourself.