Common-Law Admission Test (CLAT) is a law entrance exam conducted across India. Students can get admission to various law colleges by clearing this exam. GK Section in CLAT is really important.

The paper consists of 5 sections and a total of 200 questions for 200 marks. GK and Current Affairs section consists of 50 questions, and the mark weightage goes up to 50 marks. This particular section can make or break it for you, as it takes minimal time to answer maximum marks. It is very important to score maximum marks in this section. 

  • The GK Section will have a few passages of 450 words each.
  • The questions will be MCQ type. 
  • You will have to answer questions based on these passages. 
  • The passages will be cited from various sources; articles, opinion editorials, social issues etc. 
  • Questions can be related to law.
  • However, you will not require any additional knowledge of the law beyond the passage.
  • There will not be subjective type questions of any kind.

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Stay updated and practice regularly

The key to nail this section is to stay updated. General Knowledge needs to be acquired over a period of time. So, make sure to read the current affairs daily and update your general knowledge. Apart from practicing the regular mock questions, keep up on the current news across the world.

CLAT Mock Tests

Try to take mock tests regularly. Appearing for mock tests will increase your precision and help you to boost your confidence. 

There are numerous CLAT Online Classes that provide test series. Make sure to take individual subject mock tests to understand the strength and weaknesses in the General Knowledge section. 

Select the Best Study Material

The CLAT study material you choose can affect your CLAT score. There is abundant study material available on various sources. But selecting the most accurate from it isn’t easy. Choose the study material that adheres to the current CLAT exam pattern and is easily understandable.

Avoid the Guesses

If you’ve prepared for the General Knowledge section well, then you’ll be pretty sure of the answer. And it won’t take a lot of time to secure the marks. The correct answer will fetch you one mark and cost 0.25 negative marks for every wrong answer. If you’re confident then only mark the right option, else leave the question.

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Refer to the Previous Year’s Papers

Go through the previous year’s question paper and find out the topics that have been asked. Getting acquainted with the previous year’s papers will help you get an idea about the pattern. The questions asked under the GK section covers current affairs, economy, politics, international news and forums, sports, technology, and government initiatives. The Current Affairs part has dominated this section substantially over the years. 

Important Points to Remember

  • Practice 25-35 MCQs daily.
  • Read reputed newspapers like The Time of India, The Hindu, Business Line, Indian Express, Dainik Tribune, and Business Standard every day. 
  • Download some apps on your mobile for daily news updates.
  • Go through the news analysis thoroughly. 
  • You don’t need to read the editorials while preparing for GK. Instead, focus on factual reporting.
  • Before reading the passage, scan through the questions. This will help in reducing the time per passage.
  • Maintain a journal for GK and note all the important dates and events. You can read it at the end of the week.   

Every year, thousands of students sit through this exam to get into prestigious law schools. Prepare well for the GK section in CLAT so you can gain an edge over the other competitors.

All the Best!