Which stream is the best for CLAT

Many students get confused after completing the 10th class about which stream they should choose for a promising career. There are different choices for each profession like science stream for engineering, medical, Humanities, or Arts stream for law or commerce for the finance and management sector.

Suppose you aspire to create a career in law. In that case, You must try to clear the Common Law Admission Test (CLAT), a national-level entrance exam for universities and institutes offering undergraduate and postgraduate law courses. Science students are viewed as high on aptitude and thus are solid competitors to crack the CLAT exam

However, students from other streams also go for the CLAT exam and choose a career in law. So if you still cannot decide which stream is best for law after 10th? Then this article by LawPrep will help you choose the best stream for doing law.

Which Stream is Best for Law?

Assuming you wish to make a career in law, choose a stream that you are confident with and will help you perform excellently in your board exams. This ought to be your main concern in picking a stream. Having said that, humanities comes nearest to reflecting the sort of study that a law course will involve, so this could be preferred.

Selecting the Humanities or Arts stream comprehends law-related subjects better, and it will be a fundamental starting point for your law course. In Humanities, you will learn subjects like Economics, Psychology, Geography, Sociology, Philosophy, Human Rights, and Gender Studies. 

These subjects are the initial step for additional courses selected after Class 12th. However, students from the science stream also make a good career in law as they are considered to have better reasoning and comprehension abilities, which are helpful in a Law career.

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Which Stream is Best for qualifying in CLAT?

If you are sure that you will attempt CLAT for a career in law, the best stream to take will be Commerce Stream, and afterward, go for B.Com and do LLB. Alternatively, after finishing your class 12th, you can go for CLAT directly. However, commerce has some other subjects that might not be helpful in law.

If you decide to choose the Arts stream, it will be helpful for you as the law course depends on hypothesis, and a large number of the subjects you learn in arts are additionally instructed in the law. Thus, Arts can be a better choice than commerce in choosing a stream for law.

According to the qualification rules, there are no particular subjects to be chosen for classes 11th and 12th, you can select any subjects, yet you must score at least 50% marks. So, if you wonder which stream is best to become a lawyer? It could be Arts or humanities.

CLAT is one of India’s most competitive entrance exams for law courses. You can enter top law colleges across India by qualifying in CLAT. In CLAT Exam, you have five sections, out of which is legal aptitude. To qualify in this section with a high score, you need to know legal concepts.

In this manner, picking Humanities or Arts after the tenth standard can assist with cracking this section with a high score. In Humanities or Arts, you will concentrate on the history, geology, and political science concepts, ideal for the CLAT examination.

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Do Commerce and Science Streams affect CLAT Preparation?

Students get several advantages in CLAT or law exams when choosing a related stream, such as Arts and Humanities. However, Students from Science and Commerce streams also opt for a law career after 12th or appear for the CLAT exam.

So, how can these other streams affect the preparation for CLAT or law exams? Let’s find out.

Science Stream

  • There are a fewer number of CLAT aspirants from the science stream. 
  • Around 20% of competitors from the science stream show up every year for the CLAT exam.
  • Many rankers from the science stream have cleared the CLAT exam with a score of 150.

It may be hard for students from the Science stream to comprehend law-related subjects at first. However, a student can qualify for the exam with a high score with proper preparation. 

Commerce Stream

  • Around 30-40% of CLAT aspirants are from the commerce stream. 
  • According to the CLAT Pattern, around 28-32 questions are from the legal aptitude subject, which is not a part of the subjects in the commerce stream.
  • 10-15% of students from the commerce stream get admission to NLUs via CLAT.

Since commerce stream and CLAT have different sets of subjects, students should invest some additional time in comprehending the law subject.


When you opt for a law career, it is important to choose a stream that can help you further in your higher studies and score well in board exams. Law-related subject knowledge and a good board exam score are equally important for cracking CLAT.

If you are still wondering about which stream is best for lawyer or preparing for CLAT? Then you can choose the Humanities or Arts stream. However, it all depends on your interest in the subjects.