What strategy I must follow in my CLAT Mock Test to get good marks?

CLAT is considered one of the most competitive exams in India. Cracking this exam is no joke. Hard work, consistency, and deep learning is the key to prepare the syllabus thoroughly for this exam. Not just the CLAT Mock Test, a lot of other external factors affect your preparation and determine how much you are going to remember during your final exam.

Here are a few tips which can help you to prepare well for this exam, or for any exam in general.

  1. Start Early and plan ahead

Early beginners are always at an advantage. Determine the time left from your exam date and make a schedule according to that. Make sure that you follow this schedule well and prepare well ahead of time. This will help you to have an advantage over your competitors. Towards the end of your preparations, engage in any good CLAT mock test series to practice question paper solving under time constraints.

  1. Revise and Revise More

The key to remembering everything for longer is by revising it multiple times. The more times you read something, the longer and better you will remember it. Even if you are not finished with your syllabus by the last month of exam, revise whatever you have studied rather than trying to tackle new topics which you haven’t read earlier. While attending your online CLAT mock tests, pay attention to which parts you are not able to solve properly, and revise that part more.

  1. Solve Previous Year Question Papers

The most important part of preparation is to understand what kind of questions are usually asked in the exam. If you don’t understand this simple detail, you might have some difficulty while answering the questions on your final exam, even if you have studied each topic thoroughly.

  1. Meditate to manage Stress and Anxiety

Every day, for at least 15 to 20 minutes, build a habit of meditating. Meditation gives you better focus and build your retention power too. Meditation will also help you to manage stress, anxiety and nervousness during and before the exam, or during the preparation and help you to stay calm while attending the paper or while studying daily as a part of your routine.

  1. Eat Light Food

Avoid heavy and oily foods during your exam times, or during the days when you are trying to study more. Heavy foods will fiddle with your digestion and make you feel drowsy while study. Light and healthy food, on the other hand, gets digested easily and helps you to feel healthier and concentrate better.

  1. Wake up Early

Some people say that they are able to study more at nights and go on studying till late hours in the night. As a result, they have difficulty waking up early in the morning. This is a wrong habit as staying up till late at night troubles your body and affects your digestion whereas getting up early improves it as you go through the day. Staying up till late also drastically reduces your retention power eventually with time. Your body loses the ability to feel fresh every morning, and you will end up waking up tired daily. Try to build a habit of waking up early and studying in the early hours of sunrise. 

  1. Take short breaks to avoid exhaustion

Try to take short breaks every hour or so, in order to avoid reaching your exhaustion point early. If you push yourself too much, you might end up reaching total exhaustion and needing a few days off from studies wasting a lot of time and losing consistency. Use your short breaks to solve CLAT online mock test as much as you can.