The Common Law Admission Test (CLAT) is a crucial exam for law students. It is a comprehension-based paper conducted through offline mode, which tests the candidates’ critical thinking and reading ability. If you have decided to have a career in law at an early stage, you can start preparing for CLAT in your 11th grade, and this will prove as a great advantage for your preparation. Prepare for CLAT in class 11th for an extra edge in the CLAT exam.

A two-year preparation can keep you one step ahead in your preparation and is enough to qualify for a national level entrance exam. It’s a stepping stone for your future career, so make sure you don’t take it lightly and waste your time. Always remember every minute counts. And an early start will allow you to flexibly complete your syllabus.

How to Start your CLAT Preparation in Class 11?

If you are starting your preparation from Class 11th, you will have a good amount of time that can be utilised to develop the core skills required to clear the exam. Here, the core skills mean reading and reasoning ability, which can be developed over a period of time. So to start the preparation in Class 11, one should start by honing such skills. Here are some tips that students must follow in Class 11th.

  • Start by reading a daily newspaper daily; read the editorial section and legal news thoroughly.
  • Read legal magazines, articles and papers that contain complex legal texts and terminology.
  • While reading an article or legal news, try to identify the arguments and draw conclusions.

Conceptual Understanding is Important 

You have plenty of time to work on your skills and improve them to give your best in the exam. Focus on developing the conceptual understanding as CLAT will test your mental and reasoning abilities. In-depth knowledge is not required to clear any section in CLAT; rather, your basic understanding of topics should be clear. Especially in legal aptitude, concept building is very important. Since many students come from different streams, they don’t have any knowledge of the legal subject, so they should start from scratch by reading the basic rules of law and gradually digging deeper to understand the legal matters. By the end of the year, candidates should be able to lay a strong foundation for the CLAT exam.


If you are planning to prepare by yourself, it can be overwhelming sometimes, as you can burden yourself with school studies and CLAT preparation. So, divide equal time for both the preparation. Invest at least 3 hours to CLAT preparation in Class 11th. 

  • Start by reading a newspaper or a good magazine every day. It can be a tedious task at the start but force yourself to read it daily. It will help you to increase your reading speed and stay in touch with the major happenings worldwide. Be updated with the previous year’s current affairs while learning Static GK. 
  • Since, you have enough time, you can focus on reading various law books to clear your basic understanding. Students often face problems in legal questions that ask inferences, arguments and conclusions. These type of questions can be solved only through deep reading.
  • For Elementary Mathematics and Logical Reasoning, one needs to practice a lot of questions regularly to master these sections. You need to solve at least 20-30 questions from each topic. 
  • For comprehensive English, you need to brush up your grammar and comprehension skills. Read books in any Genre that you like, read magazines, novels, articles or blogs. Also, solve at least 1-2 comprehension problems every day. However, one should make their plan based on their 11th Class studies and their capabilities. 

Preparation With CLAT Coaching 

If you are planning to prepare with CLAT Coaching, your burden will be divided, and you will have the best mentors to guide you at every step. 

  • CLAT Coaching will streamline your preparation in Class 11th. You will get a clear idea about what to study and where to start your preparation, and what is important from the examination point of view. 
  • CLAT Coaching Centres have the best educators to guide and mentor so you don’t waste your precious time on anything unimportant. 
  • You get to solve mock test series created by expert educators and compete with thousands of aspirants in the All India Mock Test Series. This will give you a clear picture of where you stand.
  • The coaching institutes will provide you with complete study material based on the new exam pattern with the best source of information to practice. 

At last, it depends on you, what suits you best. So, choose wisely. But, if you have decided and want to prepare for CLAT 2023, start now.