“It is better that ten guilty persons escape than one innocent suffers” – Sir William Blackstone

There are many prolific and renowned lawyers in India who have contributed enormously to the society and inspired many young people. It’s not possible to give an idea about their vast achievements and great qualities within an article. But, here, we have listed the five famous lawyers in India who not only earned a big name in the legal domain. 

Ram Boolchand Jethmalani

  • Ram Jethmalani was one of the most famous and oldest Indian lawyers, who lived his full life and died just four days before his 96th birthday.
  • R. Jethmalani was born on 14th September 1923 in a small town called Shikhapur, located in the Sindh region, Pakistan.
  • He secured LLB at 17 from Mumbai’s prestigious Government Law College, becoming the youngest lawyer. 
  • He is famous as a maverick lawyer with many distinctions to his credits. Flamboyant, genius and contentious are some of the words that are commonly used to describe his life and career.
  • He was unpredictable, politically unscrupulous and an intellectual dilettante.
  • He had served as India’s Union Law Minister and as Chairman of the Bar Council of India. In 2010, R. Jethmalani was elected as the President of the Supreme Court Bar Association.

Gopal Subramanium

  • Gopal Subramanium is a 56 years old senior advocate who practices in the Supreme Court of India and the Delhi High Court.
  • He is known as the controversy’s king.
  • He served our country as the Solicitor General from the year 2009-2011 and also served as Chairman of the Bar Council of India.
  • In 1993, Mr. Subramanium was delegated as a senior advocate by the Supreme Court which made him one of the youngest designated persons in the history of the Supreme Court. 
  • During his tenure as an advocate, he was honoured with the National Law Day Award for Outstanding Jurist in the year 2009 by the President of India for his consistent efforts in professional excellence.

Fali Sam Nariman

  • He pursued a law degree from the Government Law College, Mumbai, in 1950.
  • Fali Nariman stood first in the advocate’s examination and has even been awarded the Prize for Roman Law & Jurisprudence and Kinlock Forbes Gold Medal.
  • He is known to be short-tempered and very impatient with his juniors. A conference with him can leave a person feeling breathless. He will shoot ten questions in a second, and if you don’t give quick answers to them, he will frown.
  • Nariman’s personality often intimidates the judges. They don’t question the propositions of law that he formulates as he would lash out and they might appear ignorant.
  • He is a thinker, never willing to give up and always optimistic.

Nanabhoy Palkhivala

  • Mr. Nananhoy was born on 16th December 1920 in Bombay, and after leaving his footprints on the sands of time, died on 11th December 2002.
  • In his school days, he was hampered by a bad stammer, but he was a dedicated scholar and excelled in school.
  • He had an incredible ability to make his argument sound so simple and convincing that the Judge is also left spellbound.
  • His speeches are full of statistics, quotations, other information that he learned by heart without keeping a single scrap of paper before him.
  • He received unmounted esteem from academics, institutions and the government.

Soli Jehangir Sorabjee

  • Soli Sorabjee was born on 9th March 1930 in Bombay.
  • He is known as “the Brahmin without a sacred thread”.
  • With a great lawyer, he is also a prolific writer. He writes on upholding Constitutional Law and Freedom of Speech and Expression and on the issues of protection of Human Rights. He has also written many articles, books, and essays that have been published for the same.
  • Mr. Sorabjee is a follower of freedom of speech and expression. He defended Freedom of Press in many famous cases in the Supreme Court of India and has taken active participation in revoking censorship orders and bans on publications.

Hope, you found it interesting to read about Famous Lawyers.