If you are interested in a lucrative career in law, the first step to take is to clear the CLAT exam. This exam will clear the way for admission to the best law colleges. However, to ace this exam, you need to overcome the Maths hurdle first. Math phobia is not uncommon among aspirants attempting the CLAT exam. So, the fear of Mathematics is to be overcome if you are to score well in CLAT. In this article, learn how to get rid of exam fear, especially how to overcome the Mathematics phobia.

Maths is a scoring section in CLAT, and most of the questions assess your knowledge of elementary mathematics based on standards 10th and 12th. To start, you need to first understand what to expect in the Maths section in CLAT.

Details of The CLAT Maths Syllabus

These are the various topics to expect in the exam:

  • Arithmetic: Topics like Ratio & Proportion, Number System, Average, HCF & LCM, Time & Work, Simplification, Fractions & Functions, etc.
  • Mensuration: Area, volume, etc.
  • Modern Mathematics: Clocks and Calendar, probability
  • Commercial Mathematics: Profit and loss, partnership, percentage, interest
  • Data Interpretation: Data charts, data tables, Caselet-based data, Data Analysis & Data comparison, graphs (Line X-Y graphs), Bar Diagrams, Charts ( Pie Chart, Simple, Stacked, Composite Chart Bar),

One significant advantage you get is that you will find yourself already familiar with most of these topics. The section is not as daunting as it seems, provided you practise regularly. However, if you still have a fear of mathematics, we will help remove your Math phobia with some tried and tested tips to tackle this section.

Effective ways to Tackle the Maths Phobia

  1. Accept your Math Phobia

To get rid of this phobia, you first need to acknowledge that you have it. You need not be embarrassed about it since you are not the only one to have such a fear. Once you accept it, you can take proactive steps to overcome it.

  1. Calm Down and Don’t Overthink

Maths can cause anyone to become a little stressed, especially when the exams are near. But since a calm mind is a prerequisite for critical thinking and problem solving, you need to practise techniques to calm yourself down. Breathing exercises will help you greatly in this regard and will stop the flow of unnecessary thoughts in your mind.

  1. Understand your Maths Syllabus Well

Take sufficient time to know about the probable topics in the Maths section. Understand which portions are asked more frequently in CLAT and which ones will need more attention.

  1. Practise Maths Regularly

No other strategy can be a substitute for regular practice. With daily practice, the concepts will become clear, and you will be able to tackle even complicated problems with ease. To gain expertise in Math concepts, daily practise of different problems is a must.

  1. Dont hesitate to Ask for Support

One effective way to remove the fear of Mathematics is to discuss it with people who are also appearing for the CLAT exam or people who have already cleared the exam. Such cooperative study will reduce your stress levels and immensely help your Math preparation.

  1. Regularly Practise Past Papers

Solving past exam papers and mock test papers is essential for Maths preparation. Such practice will give you an accurate idea of the weightage of each section and identify your strong and weak areas as well. It will prepare you mentally for the questions likely to be asked in the exam and improve your time management skills.

  1. Learn and Memorize the Formulae

Formulae are a critical part of the Maths section. So, you need to allot sufficient time to get familiar with different formulae and apply them appropriately. Solving problems will be easier once you understand the process behind each formula.

  1. Read Books and Watch Videos Related to Maths

There are scores of reference books written by experienced authors showing you multiple methods to solve Math problems. Additionally, you can discover videos on YouTube dedicated to the Maths section of the CLAT exam. Both books and videos will take your Maths preparation to another level. 

  1. Observe how Maths is Applied in Real-life Situations

One excellent way to get over Math Phobia is to study how Maths is applied in everyday activities. You will discover how Maths is indispensable and essential in daily life. This realization will deepen your interest in the subject and help your preparation greatly.

These valuable tips will help you tackle your math phobia and get rid of your exam fear in no time. They will help you concentrate and remain calm even when confronting complex Math problems.