CLAT is a very prestigious examination for law aspirants and is the gateway to the NLUs. CLAT is conducted annually to enroll students in various law programs in the National Law Universities across the country. CLAT 2021 is very near and the candidates have very little time to prepare and crack the CLAT exam. 

Thorough preparation is mandatory for cracking the CLAT exam. Along with proper preparation, correctly attempting the exam is also imperative. Many candidates prepare very well for the exam but make mistakes while attempting the CLAT paper, thereby reducing their chances of being successful and getting into the college of their dreams. 

If a candidate is already aware of the common mistakes that tend to happen while attempting the CLAT paper, the probability of committing those blunders will be reduced drastically. In this article, we will make you familiar with some of the most common errors made by the candidates while appearing in the CLAT exam.  

1. Starting the paper with tough questions

The first thing that you must do as soon as you get the question paper is to read all the questions thoroughly. Tough questions need much longer time to solve and therefore, take up a lot of your time. Also, if you get stuck while solving such questions or fail to solve one, you might easily get demotivated and start your paper on a wrong note. To avoid such mess, start answering simpler questions with answers known to you. This will set up a goof flow for you and keep you motivated for a much longer time. 

2. Neglecting Negative Marking

One must be very mindful while answering questions in the CLAT exam as there is a negative marking of 25% marks which means that 0.25 marks will be deducted for each wrong answer. Only answer the questions you are sure about and avoid any guess work. 

3. Reading Carelessly

Many times, students hastily read the question and comprehend the wrong meaning for it. Then, they end up answering the question that they have understood as opposed to what was asked. This leads their answer to be incorrect thus costing them their precious marks. 

4. Panicking

Many students tend to panic because of the exam environment. They get nervous and loose their calm. This unsteady state of mind often leads them student towards forgetting what they have already studied and makes them confused as well as underconfident. Try to stay calm in the exam hall and try meditating before the examination if possible. 

5. Blind Guessing

As discussed earlier, CLAT exam has a negative marking applicable. A penalty of -0.25 marks is marked for every incorrectly marked answer. Thus, there is no room for Blind Guessing in this examination. If you do not know an answer, it is better advised to leave the question unanswered and move ahead on the other question.

6. Improper Time Management

The candidates must be very mindful about how much time are they devoting to each section. Usually, candidates end up giving excessive time to the first section and then are left with very less time for the rest of the sections. Be mindful of the time while attempting the paper and assign fixed time durations for each section. Timed mock tests can help you figure out how much time you need to devote to each section. 

7. Leaving Difficult Questions to be answered later

As negative marking is applicable in CLAT, many candidates mark the lengthy or difficult questions for later review but they either run out of time or forget to review those questions. At the end of the first round of attempting the question paper, one must spend ample time to review and mark the unanswered ones.