Is online coaching best for CLAT

Corona times has brought a revolution in the education industry. The way teachers teach has changed a lot, and so has the way students are studying nowadays. Online classes have made classes and courses from various renowned teachers and coaching centers available and accessible for every student across the country. Anyone with an internet connection and a mobile device can avail of these courses for a nominal price. Online Coaching best for CLAT.

Online CLAT Preparation, provided by Law Prep Tutorial has been going the same way. The online learning experience with some of the best CLAT teachers of India is now open for students of all states and locations for a small amount of subscription.


The online classes have various advantages over physical classes. As a reason, even after the physical classes are resuming in some parts of India, students still continue to opt for online classes. Some of the reasons are:

  1. Time for self-study

CLAT Online Coaching classes are a major time saver. It saves a lot of time consumed in commuting, preparing, and waiting for classes. This increases the time that students have for self-studies. This could mean a difference of a few hours for some students. As a result, online classes are viewed as a better option.

  1. Convenient for multi-taskers

CLAT Preparation Online is great for people who have to manage multiple things at once, and are unable to spare a few hours each day just for a single class. Online classes allow the students to multi-task during the classes without any objection of the tutors or any disturbance to others.

  1. Convenient for employees and housewives

Online CLAT Classes via recorded classes are great alternatives for people who have busy schedules working on day jobs or for housewives who have difficulty taking out time for classes. Recorded lectures allow them the conveniency of studying at their own time, be it early morning or late at nights. This can save some lives in terms of career and education.

  1. Distance Learning

Online classes have brought quality education from top institutes and tutors to students living in remote areas less developed areas where coaching centres are not available. Distant learning at this time comes with no extra charges and the students don’t need to travel miles and spend a lifetime in metro-cities to avail education.

  1. Learning with ease

The online courses are easier than physical classes, since it allows the students to watch the classes anytime and anywhere they want. They can choose a place wherever they are comfortable and at peace, and they can choose a timing suitable to their schedule. These classes are as effective as the physical classes when it comes to learning.

  1. Learning at your own pace

CLAT Online Course via Recorded classes allow the students to learn at their own pace. This can be beneficial for some students who are slow learners and need to watch some difficult concepts twice to grasp it completely. This can also be beneficial for fast learners who don’t want to spend another hour learning the same concept that they have already understood.

These benefits are valid not just for Online CLAT Course, but also for all other competitive exam courses that have now been made available online by various institutes, coaching centers, and tutors through various online portals.