About CLAT [Common Law Admission Test]


Common Law Admission Test has come into existence in the year 2008, when all the National Law Universities around the country decided to come together and conduct a common exam for 5 year integrated law course offered by each one of them.

It all started with NLSIU, Bangalore the first University in India to offer five year law course. The university was established at the huge demand for revolution of Law as a field and career option. These Law education reforms lead to the birth of NALSAR (Hyderabad), NLIU (BHOPAL), WBNUJS (Kolkata), and now in total 16 universities. Till 2008 each University conducted its own separate entrance exam for their respective courses but with CLAT the entrance mode has been made easy to apply but competitive in nature.

Every year the test pattern is different with changing emphasis on different areas, and for an aspirant the trouble is doubled by raising number of applicants.

In comparison to other entrance exams, CLAT is still in a nascent stage due to lack of awareness but with the paced information technology and media singing glories of NLU success stories, the interest in CLAT is visible. So, future aspirants brace up for tougher competition.


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