CLAT refers to the Common Law Admissions Test. It is an all-India entrance examination administered by the National Law Universities for admissions to their under-graduate and postgraduate degree programs. The CLAT exam is very dynamic in nature, and it is very important for the aspirants to keep up with the ever-changing trends. Mock tests help you to keep up with the latest pattern and identify your strengths and weaknesses. Our renowned teachers have curated mock test series according to the latest exam pattern and syllabus. Experts advise taking mock tests regularly as it promotes better preparation and boosts your scores.

Key Features

  • Law prep test series are prepared according to the latest trends, syllabus, and exam design. 
  • You can undertake our CLAT 2024 Mock Test series at the ease of your time and from your phone or PC.
  • All the mock test series have detailed answers attached to them, which allow the candidate attempting these series to clear the doubts.
  • The test series will help you to get a first-hand experience of the exam before the D-day and allow the candidate to learn proper time management and other skills needed for the CLAT exam.
  • You can easily navigate through different parts and questions while undertaking the test and check how many questions you have attempted.
  • You will be provided a detailed analysis of your preparation so you can add on the hard work you require to crack the exam.
  • You will get a percentile and rank based on the score you achieved in the test; you can do a comparative analysis and know where you stand.
  • Students will get personalized remarks on every test series that will motivate the students to prepare better and get good remarks. 

Dates of Our Mock-test Series

Mock TestDate
Mock Test 126 March 2021
Mock Test 225 April 2021
Mock Test 316 May 2021

To take the mock test series you can visit CLAT Mock Test and test your preparation. 

Free Online Mock Test CLAT 2021

You can start your preparation for the CLAT exam by undertaking the free online mock test and decide its usefulness for your preparation. The test series are designed according to your preparation requirements, and they also assist you in self-evaluating yourself. They will help you in converting your weaknesses into strengths. You can take the test series, and if they meet your requirements, you can go for the unlocked test series. Attempt them more often to improve your scores. You should try attempting previous year’s question papers for better preparation.

To avail our mock test series you can visit and start your preparation. 

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