Why Law?


Five year law course was brought in to change the preconceived set image of law in lay mans’ eyes. It was the zeal to improve the image of legal field. The aspiration to standardize the legal education to the world class status. The burning desire to expand the horizons of Indian Legal Industry and the job opportunities offered by it. All these things were the raison d’être that today we have world class law teaching institutes like NLSIU, NALSAR, NUJS et al.

Why Law

The aspirations and desires are visibly making the change in today’s legal industry, the remarkable change is notable and candidly to be a pass out from such esteemed National Law University definitely leads to the presumption for the person to be a well trained lawyer with loads of required qualities.

The emergence of the five year law course has revolutionized the whole viewpoint regarding law as a career and a means to earn livelihood. Today with the hybrid crop of the top law institutions like NLSIU, Bangalore; NUJS, Calcutta; NALSAR, Hyderabad; NLU, Jodhpur; GNLU, Ghandhinagar and NLIU, Bhopal are considered for recruitment in business world as well as internationally renowned organizations.

These institutes are meant to make you excel and invincible for your career goal in different legal field. They just don’t prepare you but also opens the gateways to successful paths which at times are walked through and at times makes you to pioneer the paths vaulted.

There is great emphasis on reasoning everything you come across and thus it makes you capable of challenging every settled system which has become hypocrite. Law schools just not trains you to challenge but also prepare you to solve the problems and create a new field, come up with your own radical solutions and ideas to change what you desire to.

They train you to intelligently utilize the power tool ‘LAW’ to dare and transform anything and everything you need to while you endeavor to touch skies and get your goal of social change, economic change or for that matter modifying political culture followed.

Why Law

The rigorous and meticulous study pattern with lot of emphasis on research, discipline and proper practice of laws results in placing the qualities to lead in the five year trained lawyer. The five year law course just not trains you for legal field but it trains you to excel the field whichever you may choose to go in. The proper learning and teaching ambience in these institutes prepares you for the strictly followed schedule they offer.

Earlier a lawyer could be a criminal lawyer or a civil one but now there are different fields which are in themselves very much bestowing.

Fields like Corporate law, mediations, International law; Intellectual Property Rights, Environmental law etc. offer a career in themselves. There is a big gap of specialized people in these fields that is resulting in high demand of well-groomed law graduates and getting higher with the growing of application of law in different fields.

This gap is highly in demand to be bridged by the outcoming batches of NLUites as they are meeting the international standards of recruiters. These institutes have student exchange programs with internationally renowned foreign institutes which show the growing magnitude of the five year law course.

  • Indian Law Firms Rs. 8 Lac p.a. – 20 Lac p.a.
  • Foreign Law Firms Rs. 26 Lac p.a. – 56 Lac p.a.
  • Indian Companies Rs. 6 Lac p.a. – Rs. 12 Lac p.a.
  • Indian LPOs Rs. 4 Lac – Rs. 8 Lac p.a.

Job Assurance in Law schools is highly satisfactory because law school graduates are not only welcomed in legal field but are sought after in every possible field as law is involved everywhere.

The law schools have perfect placement statics with top law firms coming to them, like Amarchand Mangaldas, Luthra and Luthra, AZB and Partners and list is endless. Along with these, the Global law firms such as Herbert Smith, Clifford Chance, Norton Rose Llp. and Simmons and Simmons Llp also also approaches these law schools for campus placements.

Law schools placements also include name of many MNCs, Corporate Houses, Management Consultancies, Real Estate Ventures, PSUs, Banks, SEBI, Pharmaceutical Giants etc. This list includes the names of many UN agencies, International Organization and NGOs.

Latest Placement Statistics from some of the top law schools

Institute Name Average Salary (Indian)

  • NLSIU, BangloreINR 8-22 Lacs p.a.
  • NALSAR, HyderabadINR 8-16 Lacs p.a.
  • WBNUJS, KolkataINR 8-16 Lacs p.a.