Law Prep Tutorial plays a vital role in shaping a child’s future as they help the students to work towards their goals and dreams. Law Prep offers an expert team and the finest infrastructure for a better learning experience. It also provides you with high-quality CLAT study materials suitable for your preparation. Our knowledgeable staff work towards guiding you and clarifying your doubts to excel in your CLAT preparation. 

Benefits our coaching institute offers to the students

  • The first benefit Law Prep offers to the students is about the right training and approach, which will help you in cracking any competitive exam.
  • It provides you with CLAT mock test series everyday so you can practice in the institute, which will boost your confidence. 
  • You can interact with your choice of students and discuss different matters.
  • We provide various updates and information related to your studies and preparation. We provide you with correct and sufficient information related to the exams.
  • We give proper attention to every student for problem-solving, so they know about their weaknesses which require improvement.

19 Years of Experience

We are a team of committed professionals having 19 years of experience in teaching. Our team has contributed in making thousands of CLAT aspirants secure their future and crack NLUs. We try to help students to overcome their fear of competitive exams by clearing their basic concepts first. We know how to use different methods and techniques to make classes interactive and pleasant to attend. We always try to give the best training and approach that is very beneficial for our students. 

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Detailed Study Material According to the New Pattern 

We offer detailed study materials that are designed according to the latest CLAT exam pattern. And provide sufficient materials for reading as it plays an important role in the exam. The new exam pattern has comprehensive passages, so we aim towards developing the reading skill for students. Detailed study material helps the students to clear the basics without facing any hassles. The comprehensive study materials also help to impart the meaning of a topic and the knowledge that it tries to convey. 

Personal Attention with Engaging & Interactive Online Sessions

Law prep gives personal attention to all the students so they can work on their strengths and weaknesses. We offer interactive online sessions to understand the topic thoroughly and 150+ Recorded classes for future references of students. Special doubt solving sessions are conducted, so all the students get equal attention and a chance to clarify their doubts. 

Daily Mock and Sectional Tests

We conduct regular CLAT mock tests and quizzes to give a feel of the real exam. Mock tests provide a trial run for the students as it tend to build the same amount of pressure before the actual exam. This makes the student mentally prepared to work efficiently in the exam.

Mock tests also help with time-management skills because we make them practice a lot before the exam. So they get a chance to revise the entire CLAT syllabus multiple times, which will help them to give best performance in the exam. 

Online LMS Portal

We have an Artificial Intelligence Based LMS (Learning Management System) portal for all our students that provides you with daily quizzes and mock tests. LMS portal allows you to have an in-depth analysis of your tests with detailed reports of them. You can evaluate your performance on the basis of marks and rank and work more to improve your score in the next test. All your compiled progress data is available on one platform for easy access. You can check your activity level report after every live session and engage in the discussion forum and doubt solving classes. 

Counselling Sessions

We counsel students when we see a need to. It helps them to be on track and grow more during the preparation period. We work on their strengths, emotional and intellectual growth. This helps them perform better and use their knowledge in the right direction to make better decisions for themselves. Law Prep Tutorial is actually the Best.