A lot of aspirants who want to sit for CLAT exams after they finish their 12th standard start looking for a good coaching center very early. A majority of students are not really sure if CLAT is their calling. The percentage of those who are very sure and determined are confused about the right time to join a CLAT coaching. Should you start CLAT Coaching? Let’s discuss this in more clarity.

First things first, just joining a coach doesn’t mean that you have started your preparation for CLAT. It just means that you have enrolled for a course you want to study, and perhaps paid for it in advance. If you are in class 11 or 12 and have enrolled for a CLAT coaching so early, here are the two problems that you might face:

  1. Studying for CLAT and your boards simultaneously might be a very difficult task considering the difficulty levels of both as well as the time management issue, and this will affect your boards result which is also very crucial.
  2. You might change your mind, about the coaching you joined, or about the exam itself, by the time you actually qualify your class 12 and become eligible to sit for CLAT exam.

Give yourself some time and think through it thoroughly before taking any decision and spending money on anything. It would help you if you go through the CLAT syllabus, and watch some free classes on YouTube or any other platform before you finally make a decision.

Another thing is that, if you feel confident enough about joining CLAT at such an early age, make sure that you manage your time effectively, prioritize your board exams before your CLAT syllabus (as you WILL get time to do this later), and secure good marks in boards exams as it might affect your future studies and career, even if you succeed on your CLAT exam.

To save more time, it would be helpful if you join some sort of CLAT online coaching at first to prepare your syllabus, and towards the end, you can see if joining any CLAT online mock test series helps your online CLAT preparations.