In the last week of April, it was announced that the CLAT 2021 exam will be conducted on 13th June 2021. The last date of registration was 15th May. However, the second wave of the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic has forced National Law University (NLU) to postpone the exam further. 

NLU has extended the date for registration, which is now 15th June 2021. However, the university has not said anything about the new date for the CLAT exam. 

CLAT (Common Law Admission Test) is the most popular and most difficult law entrance exam in India. That’s why the students opt for the best CLAT coaching in Lucknow and other regions in the country. Nearly 60,000 students apply for this exam to get admission to the country’s NLUs or top law colleges. Out of which, only 5% get entry in NLU. 

If you are indulged in CLAT preparation online, then you might have several questions related to the exam. When will CLAT 2021 be conducted? Will the CLAT exam be cancelled this year? What about college admissions if the exam gets cancelled?

Here, we have answered these questions to help you understand what’s next for the CLAT 2021 exam. 

Will CLAT 2021 be cancelled?

The postponement of the exam has caused anxiety among the law aspirants. But the thought of CLAT cancellation can be worse for them. However, the exam dates for CLAT have been changed this year a couple of times already. 

Initially, CLAT was supposed to be conducted on 9th May, which was postponed to 13th June. The reason behind it was the clash with the CBSE exam schedule in May. Now, with the COVID-19 outbreak taking a big toll again, NLU had no other option but to postpone further. However, the entity hasn’t announced any new dates yet. 

The uncertainty of the exam is surely disturbing for the students who were dedicated to CLAT online classes, books, CLAT mock test series, and other study material. But they shouldn’t be worried about the cancellation. Because it was not cancelled the last two times, and it is very less likely to be cancelled this time too. The students will hopefully see the new date on the official website soon. 

When will the CLAT 2021 happen most probably?

Now that the law entrance exam has been postponed without any idea about the next date, this remains the most asked question by students. While there is no official announcement about it, but it is very likely to happen once the ongoing pandemic slows down and the average number of daily cases decreases significantly. Till then, the students must continue their preparation, enrol in the CLAT crash courses, take more and more CLAT online mock test, and stay hopeful for the best. 

Can I clear the CLAT if I start from now?

The competition is already challenging, but if you want to start the CLAT preparation now, then you must ensure that you put in your best efforts. You need to study regularly for hours, look for CLAT coaching centres or the best CLAT courses and study material to boost your preparation. Since the next date for the exam is yet to be declared, you have a few weeks or months to boost your preparation and pave the way for success. 

How will college admissions happen without the CLAT entrance exam?

Since there is no declaration about the cancellation of the exam, college admissions are likely to happen as usual. But, you must always have a second plan in place. So, even if the worst scenario happens and the exam gets cancelled, you won’t have to suffer. 

Along with NLU, there are many other law colleges that admit students based on their CLAT score. These colleges may launch their own entrance test for admission. So, it would be better to keep the preparation going and study the reliable CLAT preparation books

Will NLU change the CLAT exam pattern or reduce the syllabus?

The changes to the CLAT exam pattern were made only a couple of years ago in 2019. Such changes take time because there is a need for a new pattern to be framed. Hence, the exam will be based on the existing pattern only. 

Regarding the CLAT syllabus, this too was changed last year by the Consortium of NLUs. Moreover, reducing the syllabus doesn’t make sense as students have got plenty of time for CLAT preparation. If the exam happens, it will be based on the same pattern and syllabus. 

Wrapping Up:

Whether you are looking to attempt the CLAT for the first time or second time, don’t be disheartened by the changes in the exam dates. It has not been cancelled and is very likely to happen in the coming months. Keep your CLAT study material handy and prepare stronger till the next date is announced.