Toppers Tips to Prepare For CLAT 2022

Since students have started preparing for CLAT 2022-2023, Law Prep has prepared a list of preparation tips and strategies by our CLAT toppers. These tips will help you get a closer insight into their secret recipe to succeed in the exam. Aspirants can follow these strategies to crack CLAT 2022-2023. 

Preparation tips by 2021 CLAT Toppers

Deborshi Ghosh

CLAT 2021 Topper 2021 Deborshi Ghosh, who bagged AIR 24, shared the following CLAT Preparation tips & strategy with the students who will appear for the exam next year:

  • Read as much as you can.
  • Acknowledge what you’re doing wrong and search for the correct way to do it. 
  • Practice reading long passages, so you’re not daunted by them in the exam. 
  • Practicing one mock paper per day helped me a lot to improve on my mistakes.
  • Always self-time yourself while reading a newspaper or solving an assignment.
  • Develop a strategy beforehand that you’ll follow in the exam. 
  • Stay connected to the world, so you know what’s happening around you.
  • Analyze everything you do and ask questions such as where you went wrong, where you made a mistake, and what was your thinking behind a particular answer.
  • Law Prep mocks helped me a lot to face a comprehensive paper.

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Archita Sharma

Topper, Archita Sharma, who secured AIR 16 in CLAT 2021, shares the following preparation tips with CLAT 2022-2023 aspirants:

  • Reading and only reading more can save you.
  • Law prep classes helped me a lot to complete the course on time and understand the basics.
  • Reading editorials helped me in different sections of CLAT.
  • Towards the end, practice mocks every day and then analyze them.
  • If you secure low marks in CLAT mocks, give more time to analysis.
  • Do not panic in the exam and move to other questions in case you don’t know any answers. 
  • Read the newspaper with a timer and try to complete the editorial in 3-4 minutes.

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Prachi Mathur

CLAT 2021 Topper, Prachi Mathur, AIR 12, recommends the following tips:

  • Read one newspaper every day but also refer to other newspapers to have a broader perspective on any current issue.
  • I religiously referred to all the materials that LPT provided us, which helped me clear all my concepts.
  • Don’t hoard study materials; stick to the ones you decided at the start of your preparation. 
  • Ask doubts to your mentors or friends as this will help to enhance your knowledge.
  • Do not procrastinate.
  • Do not skip mocks.
  • Be consistent and practice a lot.
  • Make sure you revise everything time and again.
  • Do not try to skip anything as CLAT is always full of surprises.
  • Attempting mocks will give a clear idea about the actual exam.

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Karthik J Lal

CLAT 2021 Topper Karthik J Lal bagged AIR 3 shared his preparation tips with others:

  • Read the newspaper regularly and do the newspaper analysis.
  • First, I cleared my basics and then moved on to the questions.
  • Read the Hindu every day but keep searching for the important issues on different platforms to have detailed information. 
  • Be curious, as then you’ll read more, which will help you to gain more knowledge. 
  • If a question is tricky for you, it will probably be difficult for others too, so don’t panic in the exam. 
  • You should practice as many mock tests as possible and review them afterward.
  • The only way to crack CLAT is to read more best books, practice a lot of questions and attempt mocks.
  • Read non-fiction books during the preparation.
  • Read the questions before reading the passage.

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Rohit Ray

Let’s see what CLAT 2021 Topper Rohit Ray, who bagged AIR 35, has to say about his CLAT preparation strategy:

  • While taking mocks, I noticed areas where I needed to improve and focused more on that. 
  • Practice a lot of mocks and sectional tests.
  • I tried to stick to my sources but revising them on a regular basis. 
  • Only reading and reading more can help you to clear CLAT with good grades,
  • Mocks will help you face lengthy passages and get used to the difficult questions you’ll face in the actual exam.
  • Have a balanced mindset because if you give up early or are overconfident, it might work against you.

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Shreyas Datar

CLAT 2021 Topper, Shreyas Datar, who secured AIR 7, recommends a few tips to the CLAT aspirants:

  • I want to tell everyone that the preparation phase is not easy, and it would require all your consistent efforts and hard work to get a 100 score in the mocks, but until that, you have to keep going. 
  • Solve as many mock tests and sectional tests as possible because it will make you familiar with the actual exam format.
  • I read the Hindu, the Financial Express, the Indian Express every single page for 1-1.5 years every day.
  • Make sure you complete your syllabus and revise it time and again. 
  • Remember, while taking mocks offline, do not solve them out of time; try to complete them within the time period. 
  • Analysis of the mock test paper is critical where you need to redo the wrong ones and recheck the right ones too. 
  • Law Prep mocks had long passages, which helped me get used to reading long passages.
  • Lastly, engage in different hobbies to keep your mind fresh.

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