exam time management tips for CLAT

CLAT is a national offline Law entrance exam conducted by the Consortium of National Law Universities (NLUs). It is considered to be one of the toughest competitive exams because it tests the candidate’s mental and reasoning ability and their knack for time management. Hence, effective time management in CLAT plays a vital role in securing a good rank in the exam. Managing your time will also help you boost your confidence, set priorities, and reduce stress levels. Therefore, this article will discuss some of the tips to manage time in the CLAT exam. 

Tips For Time Management During Exams

Make A Schedule 

Dividing and balancing your day is very important if you need to make your preparation effective. A proper schedule will incorporate discipline and divide time both for studies and leisure. You must divide your day in such a way that you can devote equal time to all five sections. It goes without saying that you must devote more time to your weaker section and less time to your strong subject. 

Set Time Limit for Each Section

You need to take at least one CLAT mock test every day in the last few months of preparation. Mock tests will help you experiment and decide upon sectional time limits. It will help you examine your strengths and weaknesses and fix your time limit accordingly. For example, you can devote more time to the section you’re less proficient in and less time to those you’re confident about. 

Decide Time Limit For Every Question

Candidates must allocate time to each type of question. This will help them understand which type of question requires more time and which ones less. Then the students can attempt the easier questions on a priority basis and give proper time to difficult questions. Try not to do two heavy reading sections one after the other as it can tire you faster. Also, don’t leave the Legal Reasoning section for the last as it can act as a tie-breaker if one or more candidates score equal marks. 

Comprehend in One Reading 

You cannot afford to read a passage multiple times. So read it once with full concentration and try to understand the meaning. Any distraction for even a second can make you lose the game. Therefore, it is important to be mentally active at all times. 

For efficient management of time in exams, be highly attentive while reading questions so you can soak in what is being asked in the very first read. 

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Practice As Many Mock Tests As You Can

The key to a successful CLAT result is practice. Don’t think you’ll take mock tests after completing your syllabus because there’s no end to the syllabus of competitive exams like CLAT. So start taking mock tests right now, even while you’re still completing the syllabus. 

Mock tests help you practice and get acquainted with the exam pattern and the way of writing exams so you can polish your exam time management skills. 

Do Not Waste Time On Tricky Questions

CLAT is a time-based exam where you need to solve 150 questions in just 120 minutes. Therefore, you can’t afford to devote more than 30-40 seconds per question. If a question requires more than the reasonable time, you must skip the question without wasting your time. Also, you should not be adamant in solving the question because then you’ll end up losing 3-4 marks on other questions. 

Do SWOT Analysis

If you wish to grab a seat in your NLU, you must be aware of your strengths and weaknesses before you appear for the exam. For which SWOT analysis is a must, as it would help you identify your blind spots. 

SWOT analysis is done by analyzing your mock tests and identifying the sections in which you have taken a lot of time or made the most mistakes.

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The Last Word

Keep these exam time management tips in mind while preparing for the exam and curate your own strategies to have the edge over others. 

All the Best!