Tips for Effective Time Management in CLAT

CLAT is a national-level entrance exam conducted by the consortium of National Law Universities (NLUs). Every year, approximately 60,000 students compete for just 1500 seats in the top-tier NLUs. Cracking this exam is not a child’s play as it not just tests a candidate’s knowledge and IQ, but also checks their time management in CLAT.

The CLAT paper consists of 150 perplexing questions which must be solved in 2 hours which is quite a daunting task as it equals to only 36 seconds per question. This leaves the candidate in a very ought situation where they need to be very wise with how do they spend their time.

In this article, we have curated a list of some tips which can help you in managing your time more efficiently in the CLAT exam.  Read ahead to know how you can ace the CLAT examination with proper time management to secure your seat in an NLU. 

Pre-decide time for each section

Before you start attempting the questions, you should devote the first 48 seconds to count the number of questions in each section as the distribution of questions is uneven in the CLAT examination. Once you have figured out the number of questions in each section, divide your time as per your convenience and stick to it.

Fix time for every question

After fixing time for each section, set time for every question that you must solve. Since CLAT has a total of 150 questions that need to be solved in 2 hours, it narrows you down to 48 seconds for each question. This can be taken as a standard duration for each question and can be altered as per one’s convenience.

Don’t waste time on questions you don’t know

Rather than fretting and wasting time on the questions not known to you, just move on. You will probably waste more time thinking for the answer of the question, and waste a lot more time. Also, if you end up giving the wrong answer, you will lose 0.25 marks.

Understand in First Reading

While attempting the CLAT paper, you can lose your precious time in re-reading the questions just because you weren’t attentive in the first time. Make sure that you comprehend the question in the first reading by focusing your attention and not getting distracted while reading. 


Practice Mock Tests 

Practicing CLAT mock tests can give you a good idea regarding your progress and preparation of the examination. It will help you identify your weaknesses and thereby amend them. You must work on all your shortcomings that you identify after each mock test. Doing this regularly will ensure that you don’t leave behind any topic and have excelled each one of them by the time you sit in the exam.  

Don’t get distracted

Make sure that your complete focus is on the paper while attempting the exam. Getting distracted while going through the paper will make you lose a great chunk of your precious time.

Try to begin with GK

Current affairs including General Knowledge is a topic which takes the least time to be solved and can help you score good. Always begin with this section and get done with it quickly. 

A Rough Distribution of time for every section

Although this time can differ from person to person, ideally one can give the given time to each section:

English including Comprehension.16-20 minutes
Logical Reasoning32-35 minutes
Current affairs including General Knowledge.8 minutes
Legal Reasoning45-50 seconds per question depending on the total number of questions.
Quantitative Techniques (Mathematics)15-20 minutes