Patriarchy? Feminism? Blah Blah Blah”

Growing up in a country like India, I realized it’s not just the streets that are messy, narrow, untidy, and buzzy but also the situation of human brains.

The letter ‘C’ is very famous (especially in all sorts of sharp-tongued abuse), yet ‘Chivalry is a word no one understands, and ‘C’hauvinism is deep embedded in every man’s lifeblood.

A country where we have not one god but many, and ironically, most of them are females. 

Yet, in temples, menstruating women aren’t allowed because their period blood is considered impure. If we think of it as a fact, all humans are dirty then. (that’s what they are made of, aren’t they?)

Most of the customs are baseless and void. (but the greater problem is even women wholeheartedly believe in such things) It is like a turmeric stain, you can try a lot, but it vanishes with time only. (until you discover a harsh chemicalized way)

One of them was Sathipratha which got abolished long ago, but more severe and mentally-physically harming rituals still exist; what about them?

Child marriages, mental harassment, marital abuse, and so many more, especially Marital rapes, aren’t considered substantial grounds for filing a case in the legal system.

The ‘general’ gender discrimination increasing every day and deteriorating this country’s future is not ‘general’ anymore.

Most people deny that inequality in India exists; they even call out on you for being a feminist. If you live in a society where a female is not allowed to go out and her male counterpart is (irrespective of age), what else do you infer? Why should I be blind and spineless like you? Why should I not be a feminist?

The debate then turns towards the question, “It’s not society’s problem. It’s your family’s mindset.” 

And then, from the other side, we have it this way “How can we let a girl roam on the streets alone in the dark?”

Well, well, The problem here is deep-rooted. I always put it this way~ We are all cinderellas here. The only difference was her clock tuck twelve when it was midnight and ours when the sunsets.

If you are somewhere out after the sunsets, you’ll return in a ripped dress and in a pumpkin (with your dignity (ugh)I mean the glass carriage vanished).

Whose blunder is it? 

If the people stop creating the glass ceiling and confining women in the repute of culture, We’ll have enough females on the streets to protect every other, even in the dark.

If we start raiding men the way they do, maybe we will have more parity.

We have a lot of obstacles, A LOT.  

If we stand together in this holding hands, maybe we’ll be able to create a wall of protection around each woman who suffers each day.

Precious Indian cinderellas 

the only way to remove this tag is to leave one or maybe both your heels somewhere on the streets without a ray of hope of getting them back (I wish you use them . and leave them behind after hitting the patriarchy hard and breaking its nose /teeth and whatever you like.)