Staying motivated is important especially when you are studying for a difficult exam like CLAT. If you lose motivation and fall prey to the habit of procrastination, you might end up losing your time, money, and efforts that you have made to date, which you might regret later. So it is very important to stay motivated while preparing.

Here are some tips that could help you to stay motivated while preparing for CLAT:

  1. Cut down the distractions

To stay focused on your studies, you must minimize your distractions and reduce the time that you spend using electronics or other unproductive tasks. It is suggested that you make your study room devoid of any distractions such as electronic gadgets or toys or anything that distracts you. If the ticking of the clock is distracting for you, then get rid of that too. 

  1. Try to make your study routine exciting

The best way to study is when you want to study. Your initial motivation might fade away after a few days or months. The key is to make your study routine interesting and exciting. Give yourself rewards for completing small tasks. Set targets for yourself. Make your notes more interesting with the help of flow charts, diagrams, and pie charts. When you meet your fellow law aspirants, engage in quizzes, debates, discussions, etc. This will spark a genuine passion in you towards law and you will never run out of motivation while studying law.

  1. Imagine the best-case scenario

The most inspiring thing any law student can imagine is the end result of all the hard work. Imagine yourself walking in the corridors of your favorite law university and dressed up like a true advocate. Imagine all the respect that you will get from your family, friends, community, and fellow students. All these visuals will surely motivate you to work harder towards your goal and help you to work harder to crack the CLAT exam.

  1. Find your own motivation

What motivates you towards your goal can be different than what motivates someone else. Your motivation can be fulfilling your parents’ or teachers’ dream, setting an example for your siblings or friends, or maybe some other personal reasons. It could be that there is someone in the law field that inspires you and whom you look up to, which motivates you. Such types of motivating reasons are very personal and need to be figured out on your own.

  1. Use the internet in the right way

While the internet has become a boon for distant learners, it can also become your source of motivation while you are feeling low. Join various groups or communities who are fellow aspirants. Make sure to stay away from any negativity or anything that threatens your peace of mind because otherwise, you won’t stay motivated while preparing. Follow positive motivation pages for CLAT and go through them whenever you feel low. However, be careful not to waste too much time on your phone.

  1. Focus on the glass half full

When you are feeling anxious about everything that you haven’t studied yet, try to make a list of everything that you have finished. This will help you to calm down and feel more confident, as you will see a certain amount of syllabus that you have already covered in your preparation.

  1. Take some time off

Whenever you feel overburdened or too bored and find your productivity going low, take a small break. Close your books and look around, play some good music, take a brisk walk outside, have some tea or coffee, and finally come back to your study desk in a good mood. This will boost your productivity and also prevent you from getting exhausted.

  1. Watch the idols

One more thing that can motivate you is watching the interviews or debates or YouTube videos of your idols in this field. Watching them excelling in their job will surely inspire you to work harder and come close to them with respect to their knowledge, skills, and expertise. So, hope it helps you to stay motivated while preparing for CLAT.