to prepare for Reading Comprehension

CLAT is considered the most significant law exam in India, as it is the gateway to the most prestigious law schools in the country. Only the candidates who qualify for the CLAT exam get the chance to study in India’s National Law Universities.

The CLAT exam comprises five segments: English Language, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning, General Awareness, and Legal Aptitude. The English Language section makes 20% of the paper and can significantly determine your All India Rank in CLAT. A critical topic in the English section is Reading comprehension, and you must be very careful while solving this section. With the help of the right techniques and some tips, you can score very well in this section, thereby boosting your AIR.  Here we will discuss some tips and tricks to ace the Reading Comprehension segment of CLAT 2021.

How to attempt the section?

The candidates must attempt this section with great care and precision. Any hasty decision can prove to be very damaging and affect your AIR greatly. Follow the below-given tips to ace the Reading Comprehension of CLAT 2021

Read the Entire Passage Carefully

It is crucial that you read the entire passage carefully and then begin answering the questions. Although the reading should be quick, it shouldn’t be mindless. If you do not read the excerpt with full concentration, you will not understand it and will have to waste your time reading it again and again. Reading the passage will help you understand what the author is trying to convey in the passage, which will help you answer the questions better. 

Identify the Tone of the Passage

The next step is to determine the tone of the passage. The first thing you must identify is whether the passage is a biography, a narrative of an incident, or stating facts. Once you have determined that, you can move ahead accordingly. Identifying the positive or negative tone of the passage will help you eliminate the wrong options to increase the chances of answering correctly.

Identify the Tense of the Passage

Next, you need to identify the tense of the passage. Doing so will help you in being grammatically correct while answering the question. If the passage is written in the past tense, your answers must also be in the past tense.

Link the Sentences

Make sure that you link the sentences to each other so that you can find the references and answer the questions properly. Linking the sentences to each other will help you derive a logical meaning of the words.

Eliminate Wrong Options

This is the most important step that will make the process of choosing the right answer easier. Look at all the options and start eliminating the wrong options one by one. Choose the probability any start cancelling off the least probable answer. This will help you in reaching the right answer.


How to Prepare well for this section?

You can not perform well until you prepare well. Therefore, it is necessary to keep the initial steps right. Follow the below-given tips to prepare well for this section. 

Practice with Mock Tests

Practising mock tests can be very beneficial. It will give you an idea regarding the type of questions that will be asked in the question paper so that you can be mentally prepared to face it. It will also help you in time management as by practising mock tests, you will get to know how much time is consumed in each section so that you can manage it accordingly. 

Solve Previous Year Question Papers

Solving previous year question paper is somewhat similar to mock tests. It will give you an idea about the previous trends of the examination, which will help you in evaluating the time and effort you must put in each segment. Solving these will also help you in identifying your strengths and weaknesses so that you can benefit from your strong points and work on your weak points to improve them. 

Read Newspaper 

Reading newspapers every day will put you into a habit of reading regularly and being able to infer what is written. This will prove to be very helpful during the exam and will have one added benefit too- General Knowledge. GK is a crucial part of the CLAT exam, and reading a newspaper will give a double advantage to you.