SLAT Preparation Tips & Strategies

The SLAT entrance exam is conducted by Symbiosis International University (SIU) to offer admission in the five-year law integrated B.A.LL.B.(H) & BBA.LL.B. (H) Course. SLAT is a gateway to the premier law schools of Symbiosis. More than 20,000 students appear for SLAT every year, making it the most competitive law entrance exam. Thus, to score desired results, one must prepare well. 

The SLAT exam will test various subject areas, including General Knowledge, Reading Comprehension, Logical Reasoning, Legal Reasoning, and Analytical Reasoning. Students are required to prepare for each subject thoroughly. Read further to know more about the tips and strategies to prepare for SLAT. 

SLAT Preparation Strategy 

How to Prepare for SLAT 2022 – Analytical Reasoning

  • Most of the questions asked in this section are of elementary level, and hence they are the easiest questions to tackle. The foremost step in preparation is to clear your basic concepts and then move on to the questions. 
  • This section can be time-consuming for the students who are weak in calculations. So students must solve previous year’s question papers to practice questions and improve their accuracy. 
  • All the formulas, tables, and basic concepts of Mathematics must be brushed up. 

How to Prepare for SLAT 2022 – General Knowledge

The General Knowledge section contains 12 questions. Students need to cover the vast topics from History, Political Science, Geography, General Science, etc., from static G.K and National & International affairs, important events happening around the world, etc., from the Current affairs section.

  • The difficulty level of this section is high, but students must focus on reading newspapers regularly because it is the most inexpensive section in terms of time consumption. 
  • Make sure you are aware of the current happenings around the world through magazines, blogs, or any social media platforms. 
  • Be aware of the important personalities and events in the news. 
  • In the SLAT examination and also while attempting mock tests, not more than 15 minutes should be devoted to this section. 

How to Prepare for SLAT 2022 – Logical Reasoning 

The Logical Reasoning section consists of 12 questions. This section tests the candidate’s analytical skills and the sense of comprehending the questions to arrive at a logical conclusion. 

  • The important topics to be covered from this section include Analogy, Blood Relation, Statement & Conclusion, Family Tree, Assertion and Reasoning, etc.
  • Students must practice a lot of previous year’s papers and try to solve the questions in the minimum possible time without compromising on accuracy. 
  • To solve the paper effectively and maximize the score, students must clear their concepts and be consistent with their practice. 

How to Prepare for SLAT 2022 – Legal Reasoning 

The Legal section consists of 12 questions from the topics, Law of Torts, Criminal law, Law of Contract, Constitutional law, Legal G.K, Legal phrases, and maxims, etc.

  • Principle-fact questions: This topic holds a major part of the Legal section. In these questions, the principle is assumed to be right. The principle is applied to the facts given in the question to arrive at a conclusion. 
  • Legal-fact questions: To prepare for this, jot down all the important fundamental rights and articles of the Indian Constitution. 
  • Legal General Knowledge questions: Students must develop a habit of reading good English newspapers, like The Hindu, The Indian Express, in order to perform well in this section. 

How to Prepare for SLAT 2022 – Reading Comprehension 

The Reading Comprehension section will consist of 5 comprehension passages followed by a set of questions. To attempt this section in the provided time, students need to develop fine reading skills. 

  • Time management can be effective only when you are familiar with the type of questions asked in the exam. The questions asked are usually fact-based, title-based, main idea-based, inference-based, tone-based, or context-based questions.
  • Students must always attempt the passages they are familiar with, so the questions are completed in a lesser time. Mostly the passages have a social or legal context; hence reading newspapers and magazines is very important to stay in sync with the current events. 
  • While practicing, read the passages and comprehend them simultaneously, so you don’t need to re-read them. This saves a lot of your time and also increases accuracy. 

Key Learnings

  • Reading newspapers every day is imperative to perform well in the SLAT exam.
  • Try to increase your reading speed to help complete your exam in a prescribed time. 
  • Understand the fundamentals and practice as many questions as possible from every topic. 
SLAT Preparation Tips & Strategies