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“Rules are meant to be broken”. We have been hearing this proverb since childhood in TV shows and movies. When the favourite film characters or celebrities use this as a dialogue, people usually get influenced by it. Moreover, there have been instances where people mention that one can’t enjoy life to the fullest without breaking some rules. 

For instance, some students in schools and colleges believe that you can’t have fun without bunking some lectures. While drinking and driving are not legal, still most people do it because they find a kick in it, especially when they are with friends. 

Not wearing helmets, not using seat belts, etc., are also things people do and break the rules. Overspeeding is another fine example of people breaking the rules to enjoy a speedy ride. These things have become so mainstream. Indian Government collected a fine of INR 577 crore in 2019 by issuing more than 38 lakh challans. 

So, we all have got used to breaking some rules. If you are someone who is cool with breaking rules and finds a kick in it, then you will need to change your attitude after stepping into the legal field. If you are doing CLAT preparation and crack it to become a lawyer someday, you will start finding this dialogue sarcastic, rather than cool. 

When Law Becomes Your Profession

Law as profession

The role of having rules, laws, and regulations is to bring in some discipline, keep people safe, maintain security, ethics, etc. There are varied rules in every field and in general. For instance, overspeeding is a penalty because it can bring risks to other vehicle owners and pedestrians. Rules in sports like cricket help in maintaining decorum and discipline. 

If you become a lawyer, your attitude towards breaking the rules will change. It’s because you will be representing a community that creates laws. You will be part of the community that fights for laws and justice. Following the rules and fighting for it will be your profession. You will have to act responsibly with maturity. You won’t find it cool to break the rules and laws. 

Although it doesn’t always mean that you can’t break any rule ever in life. The kick that you used to get by breaking certain rules can still be a part of your life, but only to a certain extent. There have been instances when the people in the law have broken the barriers of law, but such incidents don’t set good examples. It brings shame to the profession and negativity about your job in people’s minds.

For example, a couple of years ago, some lawyers clashed with police in court, which resulted in the filing of multiple cases. Here, both police and lawyers were representatives of the law, but the rules were broken.

You certainly wouldn’t like to be a part of such incidents if you are a reputed lawyer who respects his work and profession. One should take inspiration from the best in the field, like Ram Jethmalani, rather than poor benchmarks. 

As a legal professional, you will realize that rules are certainly not meant to be broken but to be followed. They are there for a reason, not just to prohibit people unnecessarily. Moreover, there are consequences of breaking the law, whether it is small or big. 

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Best CLAT Coaching in India