Reappearing for CLAT? CLAT Preparation Strategy

CLAT is a highly competitive law exam in India, which makes it tough to crack it in one go. But not all CLAT aspirants are able to crack the CLAT exam on the first attempt, or most of the students don’t get to crack their dream college. But before making a decision, you need to decide whether there is a potential to improve or not and to what degree can it be improved? Because there’s no sense in going through the same process again and increasing the marks marginally. If you have decided to reappear for the exam, you can go through the CLAT retaker strategy given below:

Three Types of Students Who Retake CLAT

1. Aspirants who are 100% sure about their decision

Dropping a year is a big decision, and you should not go for it unless you’re sure that you want to pursue law as your career. You can stick to your goals only when you know that there are no multiple choices available. 

2. Aspirants who aim for the top NLUs

Students who did extremely well in the CLAT exam might have secured seats in their dream college, and some might have got selected in the private colleges but still wish to get selected in a high-ranking NLU

3. Aspirants who missed the plot in the first attempt and wants to start afresh 

Some students prepare for CLAT with their board exams, and have to devote all of their time to it, making it difficult to curate an effective plan. 

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A Few Tips For Retakers 

1. Students who drop a year and prepare for CLAT, are often advised that it is now or never moment. However, don’t pressurize yourself in any way. The intent to reappear is to reach the peak of your potential. Therefore, set a realistic goal as to how much you can push yourself. Besides, it would be wise to prepare for various law entrance exams like AILET, SET, MAH Law CET, etc., to keep your options open. Towards the end of your preparation, you should be able to convince yourself that dropping one year was simply worth it.

2. If in case you were not able to score enough to get into your dream college, let bygones be bygones. Do not contemplate more about it and start afresh. Take key learnings from your past experiences for sure and move ahead. 

3. It has been observed that there are certain gaps in students’ preparation that lead to a low score in the exam. 

Retaker Strategy to Crack CLAT

Analyze Your Previous Attempt 

First, you need to analyze where you went wrong in your previous attempt. After analyzing, you need to note down your mistakes and mishaps you made in the exam so you don’t repeat them. The next step is to work on your weaker areas and devote more time to your silly errors in order to avoid them in the future. 

Build Your Knowledge

  • You should start with your basics once again and brush up on your concepts. Also, try to spend more time on your weaker areas. 
  • Solve previous year’s question papers and CLAT mock tests as much as possible. Attempt at least 70-80 mock tests during your preparation so you are familiar with the CLAT exam pattern and you know what to expect in the exam. 
  • You can join a test series program from Law Prep Tutorials and practice on a regular basis. It will help you develop a habit of coming across surprises and handling them well. 

Performance Gap

  • Candidates must follow a time-bound approach for every question and section. Although there is no sectional time limit in the CLAT exam, one must follow a time management strategy. While practicing mock tests, you’ll reach a stage where you will know what time should be allotted to which subject. Once done, you should not deviate much from it and keep practicing in that order. 
  • After a lot of practice, you will be able to sense the right questions, which can be solved in the minimum time. 
  • Use the elimination method as a smart technique to reach the answer. This can improve your speed. 

The Final Word 

Make sure that you as a CLAT retaker, must have an obvious edge over first-timers, so work hard and put in all your effort. 

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