The CLAT paper pattern has been changing for the last few years, which has kept the CLAT aspirants on their toes. Even in 2020, a change in the paper pattern was observed. The number of questions in the paper was reduced, but the duration of the exam was kept the same. However, the questions were made lengthier by a margin. All segments of the CLAT exam now comprise comprehension-based questions, i.e., lengthy passages followed by a set of 3-6 related questions. Apart from the comprehension, these questions too are lengthy– sometimes spanning 4-5 lines. In such a scenario, it becomes crucial for the aspirants to work on their reading speed to cover all the questions asked in the test. Reading faster will help you in acing CLAT 2021.

In this end, all the competitive exams are essentially races. To be able to ace this race, a candidate must be able to go through all the questions, understand them, think for an answer, and then write the answer. This calls for a lightning speed of reading. 

If you read slowly, do not worry. By the end of this article, you will be reading much faster with better understanding and comprehension. In this article, we will discuss some tips and tricks to increase your reading speed for CLAT 2021.

  1. Stop the Inner Monologue

 Subvocalization is a trait that is common to every individual. Also known as the inner monologue, it is the process of speaking words in one’s head as they read. However, this can be an obstacle for you while reading. You do not have to read in your mind exactly as you read aloud. While children are taught to read, this is a good practice, but once an individual becomes proficient in reading, this method of reading aloud in mind can hinder the speed. Just keep in mind that your reading speed is as much as that of your inner monologue. If you want to continue to increase your reading speed, you need to eliminate it. If you are having a hard time practicing this, try to chew some gum or play some soft instrumental music while reading. This distraction can help suppress your subvocalization.

  1. Word-Chunking

Word chunking means reading multiple words at once. This can also be considered as a part of eliminating the inner monologue. Although we have been trained to read one word at a time by our inner monologue, our brain can still take in multiple words at a time. Your peripheral vision helps you grasp several words in a go. You can begin by taking around three words at once. Practice while increasing the intake of words until you become an expert. 

  1. Do Not Reread the Words

One habit that most of us have is that we keep going to and fro from the words we read. Rereading can be a tricky habit to get rid of. It is a habit that can waste a lot of your time. As childish as it may sound, keeping a finger while you read can help you let go of this habit. Acing CLAT 2021 isn’t as easy as it may seem.

  1. Use a Timer while Practicing

While you practice or study at home, keep a timer of one minute, and record how many words you can read in it. Keep a record of your score and repeat this process while trying to break your own record. Continue with this little game, and you’ll be able to increase your reading speed in no time!

  1. Set a Goal

Making yourself accountable for the consequences/results will ensure that you focus on reading and achieving the target that you have given yourself. Set a daily or weekly target and stick to it. When you achieve your target, don’t forget to treat yourself.

  1. Read MORE

It is no secret that “Practice makes a man Perfect” Whether you are an artist, musician, sportsman, or a reader, this rule applies to all. The more you read, the better you will become at it. Put yourself in the habit of reading every day without fail. Even when you take a day off from studying, don’t forget to read anything, even if it’s not from your syllabus. 

  1. Use a Marker

If you find your vision slipping while you are reading the passage, you can follow this little trick to keep yourself focused. Simply place an index card below the line you are reading and keep it sliding down as you move ahead. This will ensure that you stay on the same line and do not lose focus while reading.

  1. Work on your Vocabulary

If you run into words that you don’t know while reading, it will not just leave you wondering the meaning of the sentence but also waste a lot of your precious time. Therefore, work on your vocabulary. Doing so will ensure that you understand everything that you read. 

  1. Skim the Main Points FIRST

When you’re running short of time and need to read everything in a crunch, take a deep breath and relax. Start reading with the main points of comprehension. Read the beginning, read the end, then read the middle. Put it all together in your head and comprehend it. Do not make this a habit you follow every time you read. This must only be followed when you are in a rush and have no better option. We wish you got help by this for acing CLAT 2021.