Quick Study Plan for Last Few Days of CLAT

CLAT is the toughest law entrance exam in the country. Hence, preparing for the exam in the last few days can be difficult. But by following our quick study plan for CLAT and some crucial tips and tricks, candidates can crack CLAT 2022 with a decent score. If you’re running out of time and don’t know where to start, this article might help you. 

One-month Study Plan for CLAT Preparation 

Week 1 

  • Read one reputed newspaper, including the editorials every day. 
  • Learn and practice at least 5-7 new words every day to improve your vocabulary.
  • Work on the basics of each subject and make sure you understand the fundamentals.
  • Make notes of the important current affairs and events happening in different fields. 
  • Emphasize on important Quant topics and practice regularly.
  • Solve at least one CLAT online mock test or previous year’s question paper every day to understand the exam pattern.
  • Do your analysis after taking every mock test.

Week 2

  • Attempt sectional mock tests and quizzes to have a grasp over a specific topic. 
  • Try to take mock tests every day and then devote sufficient time to analyze them. Identify your stronger and weaker areas and work to improve them. 
  • Frequently read through the editorials and opinion section of the newspaper and magazines to improve your reading speed.  
  • Focus on major legal issues and jot the important amendments and judgements to revise later.
  • Understand the concepts of Logical Reasoning so you can solve the questions timely.

Week 3

  • Practice questions from each subject regularly to improve your accuracy. 
  • Use mind maps, graphs, diagrams, and other short-cut techniques to solve questions quickly.
  • Read, revise and repeat the crucial topics of all five sections. If possible, attempt diverse questions from each topic.

Week 4

  • Devote your maximum time on revision in the last few days of your preparation. Refer to your notes and books for that. 
  • Try to write two CLAT mock tests every day and analyze them. 
  • Continue to read the newspaper and revise current affairs every day.
  • Revise formulas, tables, tips and tricks for the Quant section.
  • Do not panic; it’s fine to be a little stressed. 

Last-Minute Quick Study Plan for CLAT 2022

Don’t Learn New Concepts.

Students often focus on learning new things at the last moment, thinking, ‘I don’t want to skip anything. But cramming new concepts at the end moment will jeopardize your memory. Moreover, you’ll not be able to remember any new information. Therefore, it is better to stick to what you know and brush up on them. 

Revise the Topics

CLAT is unpredictable, and thus, just completing the syllabus is not enough. You have to focus on revising and building a conceptual understanding of the topics. The most efficient way to revise before the exam is by going through your notes. Since you have curated it as per your understanding, you’ll be able to go through it easily. 

Create a Full-Proof Strategy

It is crucial to make a strategy of how you will attempt your CLAT exam. Know which section you will attempt first and which ones at last, and what type of questions you’re comfortable to start with. The aim is to know yourself and attempt all questions without pressurizing yourself. However, leave room for at least 5 minutes after answering the questions so you can check the unattempted ones. 

Stay Healthy

Imagine wasting a lot of your time due to your ill health. We are sure you don’t want that. So, it is important to eat healthily and indulge in physical exercise and yoga during your preparation to stay fit. Physical and mental fitness is crucial to secure good scores in the exam. 

Fix Your Sleep Cycle 

CLAT preparation requires you to study for a long duration. If you study for longer hours at night, the chances are you’ll wake up late in the morning. Your CLAT exam is conducted in the morning, and you need to be active during the exam. So make sure you normalize your schedule by sleeping and waking up on time before your exam approaches. 

The Last Word 

As you move closer to the CLAT exam date 2022, it becomes quite intimidating, especially if you are writing a competitive exam for the first time. You might feel like doing everything at once; read current affairs, learn new concepts, solve test series, so nothing is skipped. However, what you must do is relax and don’t lose your calm. Don’t pressurize yourself; just follow the above tips and give your best!