How to Control Fear of Failure After Exam

Competitive exams are tough, and CLAT is considered to be one of the toughest exams. So, students think a lot about the exam and many questions come to their mind like “What if I fail the exam? Will I be able to score good marks? What if I score less than my previous marks?”, and questions like these can trigger your anxiety. 

Many a time, even after working hard and putting your efforts, students are not able to overcome their fear. If you are among one of them, continue reading the article and follow the tips. 

How To Control Fear of Failure?


Imagination is a tool that can help you overcome the fear of failure. Every time you fear something, create a mental picture and imagine that you’ve achieved what you fear the most. For instance, if you fear that you’ll fail the CLAT exam, imagine that you’ve cleared it and you have cracked your dream college. Creating such positive scenarios in your mind will create a happy picture and imagining that your success is being recognized and acknowledged. So, imagination will help you to overcome the fear of failure.

Talk About It

Whenever we fear something, we often try to subside our emotions. This can often shake your self-confidence. If you are feeling low about something, especially if you fear failure, it is better to share with others or talk it out. You can share such emotions with your mentors, parents or friends who will support you and help you overcome it. Psychologists say that talking about your emotions can help you get over the trauma quickly and also aid in building confidence that can ultimately help you overcome the fear associated with it.

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How to be Confident For Exams?

Practice Before the Exams

Taking CLAT practice tests in advance to become familiar with the exam format and pattern of questions helps to build confidence and minimizes the fear. This also makes you more comfortable on the day of the exam, reducing the component of anxiety.

• Get comfortable answering the multiple-choice questions that you will encounter on the exam.

• Evaluate the areas in which you are strong, as well as those you will need to study further. 

• Tests will make you familiar with the exam style and environment, improving your CLAT preparation

How to be Confident During Exams?

Try Not to Panic

You’ve made it to the hall, sitting on your seat, and the paper is in front of you. We’ve all been in that spot and felt our heartbeats go a bit faster and palms go all sweaty. But this is the time when you don’t need to panic and be calm. You can try some breathing exercises to keep calm, like slowly breathing in and slowly breathing out. 

Slowing down the breathing process triggers the area of your brain that will stop producing stress hormones in their tracks, and then you can start attempting your questions. Taking a moment to calm will slow down your heartbeats and make your thought process clearer, and you’ll make fewer mistakes. 

Things to be Done Before the Exam

Don’t Hang Around Outside The Hall

Avoid hanging around with friends after the exam, especially if they are discussing their answers or talking about the exam. There is no need to know how other people have given their exams. You can discuss a bit about the scenario, but don’t start matching your answers. Discussing the paper is pretty common outside the exam halls, but if you are already struggling with the fear of failure, you will only make it worse. Just keep one thing in your mind you’ve done your best, and you can’t go back. Also, pat yourself on your back on attempting the exam so gracefully. Then relax. 

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Move On

If you are taking a lot of entrance exams, it is important for you to move on to the next exam and focus on it. If you are struggling and can’t focus on something other than what you should have done in the exam, take a break from revision altogether. Get out for a long walk, ride a bike or jog to refresh your mind. This will relax your mind and body and give you a chance to think about something else. 


So you can follow the above-mentioned methods on how you can overcome your fear of failure in exams. As soon as you start thinking about failure, replace it with positive thoughts. Remember that you cannot control situations, but you can control your actions. If you just follow these basic things, you can overcome your fear of failure in exams.

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