It is never too early or too late to start preparing if you are determined about your choice. The right time is whenever you are determined to study. If you have just passed your 12th exam and are looking forward to prepare for CLAT or if you are planning early, so that you can start immediately after your boards, then you are on the right path.

Here is how you can start:

  1. Make your own strategy

Look at the syllabus, check the exam pattern and previous year papers, and make your own study strategy. You can take ideas from other people’s strategies on the internet to improvise your own, but it not very smart to follow someone else’s strategy in its entirety.

  1. Make a plan and schedule

Once you have figured out what all you have to study and how much of it, the next thing to do is to break it down in a schedule and make a study plan which you can follow with your preparation. If you are joining coaching, you will need to modify your plan according to that to prepare for CLAT.

  1. Build a study habit

The correct way to start studying for any exam, is to build a habit of studying. You can do this by studying every day for a month at the same time and for at least 1 hour. Once you get into this habit, you will find it easier to study for longer durations.

  1. Join a CLAT coaching if required

Go through the course once, if you feel that it is difficult to study this by self, you might want to join a coaching to help you with it. It is better to join early rather than joining between a batch. You should also consider whether you should join an online CLAT Coaching or an offline one, whichever suits you the best.

  1. Join CLAT mock test series

It is very important to join mock tests series whether it is an CLAT online mock test series or a offline mock test series, what is important that you give plenty of mock tests before sitting for the final exam so that you are prepared for it well. It also helps you to understand and identify your weak points in the syllabus. A lot of online CLAT coaching provide online CLAT mock test series nowadays.