CLAT Legal Reasoning

We hope you are going strong with your CLAT 2022 preparation as the exam is around the corner. The CLAT exam will offer admissions to students in both undergraduate and postgraduate programs such as BA LLB, B.Com LLB, BBA LLB, B Sc LLB, and LLM. 

Legal Reasoning is a crucial section of the CLAT exam, and it tests your problem-solving ability of legal issues. This section will have two types of questions: Legal Reasoning and Legal GK. Candidates who need to understand more about the Legal Reasoning section can go through this article. 

Highlights of Legal Reasoning Section 

  • The Legal Reasoning section of CLAT 2022 will consist of around 35-39 questions.
  • One mark will be awarded for every correct answer, and 0.25 will be deducted for every wrong answer. 
  • There will be passages of about 450 words related to any static or current legal issue followed by 5-6 questions. 
  • The questions will be straightforward and Legal Reasoning based. 
  • Some questions will expect you to put forth the best conclusion or supporting argument related to the issue discussed in the passage. 
  • In some passages, a hypothetical situation will be given, and students will have to decide the case applying their legal knowledge.

Check CLAT Legal Reasoning Syllabus

How to prepare for CLAT Legal Reasoning?

The Legal Reasoning section is lengthy and students find it difficult to finish the section in the stipulated time of 30-32 minutes. You can crack this section by working on your reading speed. So read newspapers, magazines, books, law-related articles, and everything at your hand. Also, read the editorial and opinion section in the newspaper, this will not only serve as a good read, but the information provided will help you prepare for the current affairs section.

When you start reading, you might likely spend a lot of time finishing an article, but your reading speed will increase once you make it a habit. 

Tips to Score Well in CLAT Legal Reasoning

To prepare for Legal Reasoning for CLAT, students can follow the tips provided below:

  • Refer to some good books like LST’s Legal Reasoning Module and Legal Awareness and Legal Reasoning by Pearson. Check more about the best books for CLAT 2022
  • Always read the comprehension passage first and then move on to the questions. This will make sure you don’t form opinions by reading the hypothetical situation and end up marking wrong answers or in a biased manner.
  • Keep the author’s view in mind while answering, and do not confuse it with your own. If you are confused between two answers, always go with the one having a clear reference in the passage.
  • Solve previous year’s papers and mock tests to get an idea about the real exam environment. These tests will help you understand the type of questions and know where you are lacking so you can work on them. 
  • Think logically while attempting questions from this section. 

Importance of Time Management in CLAT Legal Reasoning 

Time Management is critical while preparing for the Legal Reasoning section. Some of the ways to improve your time management skills are:

  • Devote at least 2 hours daily to this section. 
  • Practice 5-6 questions regularly of varied types. 
  • Make a timetable for each topic and complete them within the time period. 
  • Devote more hours to time-consuming topics so you don’t end up wasting time on such questions in the exam.
  • Improve your legal vocabulary by watching important news or reading the newspaper. 
  • Solve CLAT Legal Reasoning questions regularly to know the difficulty level of the section and know the type of questions asked in the exam. 
  • Practice mock tests regularly to improve your speed and accuracy.


With the right preparation tips and techniques, along with hard work, it is not difficult to score well in the CLAT exam. While preparing, aspirants need to figure out their weaknesses and work on them so they are comfortable while taking the exam. Prepare well!