Once you’ve decided to appear for the CLAT exam and started preparing for it, you might sometimes get overwhelmed and start worrying about the results. At that point in time, you need to remember that results are not in your hands, but you can prepare for the exam sincerely. Because everything else is beyond your control. If you follow the non-educational tips discussed below, they might facilitate your overall learning. Preparation tips for CLAT, which will really help you.

Plan a Schedule 

If you plan to achieve a big goal, you need to start by planning your preparation. Make a timetable that includes your preparation for the day with the extracurricular activities. Also, set the deadlines for the tasks you need to complete in a day. It is important to make these deadlines realistic and doable to meet them. Try to schedule the topics you want to complete in a week and evaluate yourself on the weekend. Make a routine to practice some considerable amount of CLAT mock tests and evaluate yourself regularly. Try to make a routine that becomes your habit after a few days so you can give undivided attention to the learning.

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Say No to Distractions

Whenever you start studying, it is necessary to put your distractions at bay. In order to do this, try to find a space that has no disturbance and where you can concentrate on your studies. Make sure to collect all the CLAT Study Material that you require, the notebooks, books, stationery, everything you will need. As we all know, the biggest distraction in our life is the cellphone so make sure you put the cellphone on silent and turn off the notifications. 

Maintain Your Health 

The best way to care for your mind is to maintain your physical health. It is very important to take care of yourself. Do not overload yourself with work as it can decrease your productivity. 

It is always important to sleep for at least 6-8 hours. This will help you to concentrate more on your studies the next day. 

Eat good food; maintain a diet, and exercise regularly. It is advisable to have a good diet and stay fit to concentrate on your preparation better. 

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Keep Yourself Motivated

Don’t lose your calm, and keep a check on your thoughts. If you’re continuously occupied by a similar work, try to change the subject. You can read some current affairs or motivational quotes to keep yourself motivated.

Don’t be demotivated by a certain score in your mock. Moreover, work on how you can improve it. Always keep in mind to analyze your test honestly and note the score and mistakes you need to change. In this way, you can always work to improve your score. When you score more than your expectations, never forget to reward yourself. Watch a movie, take a break, enjoy some ice creams or cake; it will boost your confidence. 

Work Smart 

Well, working smart is equally important as working hard. It is a race, and you won’t stand out if you don’t work smart. 

  • You can do the time division on the basis of topics and not subjects. Instead of spending two hours on logical, you can complete a topic (say syllogism) and then switch to another say (idioms and phrases). It will build a sense of accomplishment in you.
  • Install some mobile apps that can give you a daily dose of general knowledge and vocabulary.
  • There are free websites and apps available that provide you with MCQs for English Language and many other subjects. Solve them when you’re in a mood to do nothing.
  • You can form study groups to clear your doubts. As you people have similar goals, you can work on it together and discuss the important points.

While preparing for the CLAT exam, students often worry about the outcome. It is natural since it is an important step in your career. But it is equally essential for you to deal with such thoughts so that they don’t hamper your preparation. The tips listed above can help you to

achieve success if you apply them smartly.

Best wishes to you all!

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