No matter if you are preparing for CLAT entirely by self-study, or with the help of CLAT Online coaching, Preparing for CLAT is not easy. No matter how strong of a plan or strategy that you create for your CLAT preparation, most students often make some common mistakes and face the consequences later during their preparation.

Let us see some of the most common mistakes that CLAT Aspirants make while preparing for their CLAT exam.

  1. Not starting early — Procrastination

One of the major reasons why most students fail to finish their syllabus is because they don’t start early. Even if they start, they don’t get serious about their preparation until it’s too late. This could prove to be disastrous in Law schools. Law preparation involves deep studies on various cases with prolonged discussions on various Laws and amendments, as well as a lot of written assignments. Procrastination can make stuff pile up on your desk and it will be hard for you to cover up so much in little time.

  1. Low accuracy — Facing the wrath of Negative marking

A majority of CLAT aspirants don’t pay attention to their accuracy while preparing for CLAT. A low accuracy means that even if you attempt enough questions in your paper, a lot of incorrect answers will get you negative marks and affect your total scores. 

  1. Not limiting your Sources

When you don’t limit the sources from which you are studying, you end up revisiting the same topics over and over again and a lot of it isn’t even useful for you. So, it is important that you pick up the best resources in your accessibility and draw a layout of your syllabus and decide what you are going to study and from where, while keeping in mind your curriculum and the paper pattern.

  1. Not limiting your time — No commitments

Another mistake that most Law students make is that they don’t give themselves time limits for finishing a certain portion of their syllabus, or the current topic that they are studying. This doesn’t matter when we see it as a singular topic, however, when we get the entire syllabus into perspective, you will find that you ended up wasting a lot of time on topics that could have been finished in less time. Hence, it is important to give yourself deadlines.

  1. Not revising enough

Revisions make your retention better and recall the minute details at the last moment. Not revising enough means that you have forgotten a large part of your syllabus which you studied during the initial days of your preparation. It is important to make compact notes that allow you to revise your syllabus in a short time, allowing to you revise as many times as you want.

  1. Not working hard enough — Looking for shortcuts

A lot of students look for shortcuts and hacks to shorten their syllabus and prepare the syllabus in less time. You should always remember that there are no shortcuts to success. And there are no shortcuts to crack the CLAT exam. You cannot crack CLAT unless you work hard and study smartly with an understanding of basic concepts.

  1. Not practicing enough

Practicing might not make a man perfect, but at least it makes us less imperfect. Attempting the CLAT exam can be very tricky for you if you haven’t practiced enough mock tests during your preparation, as you will need to practice it multiple times to get used to the paper pattern and the type of questions that are asked in CLAT.

  1. Not preparing current affairs on a daily basis

The most important thing that a lot of students unknowingly miss is that they don’t study and stay updated with current affairs on a regular basis. Studying everything at the last moment might make you miss something important, or there are higher chances that you won’t remember most of it. Hence, Building a habit of studying current affairs is very important for every law aspirant.