Class XII is considered to be one of the most significant phases of a student’s life in India. It is that deciding phase where the students are continuously fighting the dilemmas and uncertainty for their future. It is also the phase when they take many big decisions of life – one such decision is choosing the path of Law. Although the decision of becoming a lawyer or pursuing a career in law might pop-up any time, it is mostly in the last year of school when many students fixate on their plan. But, the question is – how to manage both boards and CLAT at the Same Time.

This is also the time when the students are preparing for the dreaded board exams which play a huge role in deciding the coming days of your life – it determines which college you join (sometimes, and sometimes not!). However, the pressure that the students have while managing to prepare for board along with the zest to crack CLAT is overwhelming. 

In this article, we will discuss how students can simultaneously manage both boards and CLAT preparations, and rock them equally well.

Do not underestimate either one!

Underestimating boards for CLAT or vice-versa can be a really dangerous affair. While preparing, students should keep in mind that both exams are equally important. If you score well in boards but low in CLAT, you would not get the law college of your choice. Similarly no matter how well you score in CLAT, if you fail in your boards, you will not be eligible to join any college. Try to give equal time for the preparation of both.

Don’t Panic

Panicking has never helped anybody achieve great results. When you panic thinking about the amount, of course, you need to cover for both the exams, you would end up becoming nervous and losing the grip of your motivation. Relax and start with prioritizing what needs to be done first. Write down everything you need to do and get onto it.

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Start Early

Many students wait for the exam time to come and hover over their heads before starting with their preparations while some wait for the vacations. Your preparations should start as early as possible. Doing so will help you devote enough time to the preparation of the board examinations as well as CLAT. Start your CLAT preparation along with the begging of your academic session to ensure the best performance and input for both the tests.

Set reasonable targets

Give yourself targets every day. Setting short-term and long-term goals regarding your preparations can help you achieve more in a shorter span of time. This will also keep you motivated. However, you should not set unrealistic targets where failure to achieve them only leaves you demotivated. You can set targets of completing a certain number of topics from both the curriculums every day. This way your study-plan will be more organized.

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Try to find common topics

There are times when the topics you study for CLAT and topics for your board examination have a lot in common. You can study those topics thoroughly as doing so will help you in hitting two birds with one stone. 

Take help

It’s always a good idea to seek help from experienced mentors or people who have been in a similar situation. Doing so can provide you with valuable insights that may help you greatly during your journey. You can also join a reliable Law Preparation Coaching center such as Law Prep Tutorial so that you can extract some extra support to crack both the exams.

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Take Rest

As crucial it is to work hard, it’s equally important to rest. Long hours of studying would exhaust your mind and prevent you from gaining any further knowledge. Give some time to your hobbies and do things you love to do. This would regenerate your mind and will help you in grasping more knowledge. 

Do not procrastinate

Procrastination is your worst enemy. You have two exams to give and every second count. Do not waste your precious time on unnecessary things and optimize your time to bring the best out of yourself. Make a time table and stick to it religiously; this would keep you from procrastinating. So, after using these, it will be easy for you to effectively manage both boards and CLAT.