All coaching classes are coming online these days. For every competitive exam, there is an online alternative available for aspirants to consider. These online coaching classes are good supplements for your exam preparation. Online and Offline coaching differ a lot. If you are sitting for the CLAT exam this year, and considering whether you should join the online coaching or offline. This blog might help you decide. These are some major differences in offline and online CLAT Coaching:

  1. Physical Interaction

Since there is no physical interaction with your tutors in a CLAT online coaching, it might be difficult for you to retain your classes. However, for some people, retention works better when they learn in solitude of their homes and not in a crowded class at the coaching centre.

  1. Time saving

Online CLAT Coaching classes can save a lot of your time consumed in traveling to the class and returning home. For some people, this distance might mean leaving their own city and living in a hostel in another city just so they could attend coaching classes daily. Online classes is a boon for students in this situation.

As online coaching saves a lot of time, you might have more time to do self-study and revise or make notes.

  1. Pocket-friendly

Some physical coaching centers can be really expensive and unaffordable for students. Online classes, on the other hand, can be pocket friendly, considering the fact that a lot of expenses such as electricity, furniture, classroom or coaching center rental, etc., are not required when it comes to online coaching classes. Hence, the classes might be priced lower than the physical ones. Online CLAT mock test series can be very inexpensive as compared to the offline ones.

  1. Studying with convenience

One major benefit of the online coaching is that you can attend it from wherever you are, wherever you feel like studying, be it your lawn, balcony, room or living room. If you are allowed to access recorded lecture, then you can even manage it in your own time schedule, and watch lectures whenever you feel like studying, and at your own pace. This is not true for offline classes. You could also get an option to attend CLAT online mock tests at your own preferred time.

When it comes to counting the disadvantages, we can say that online classes are not entirely good. You can get blue light fatigue, headache, and even get a higher number on your eyes. You might also face connectivity issues and have trouble getting query resolutions and solving your doubts. A lack of physical interaction with fellow aspirants might affect your mental health negatively, if that is what you are used to. 

However, all this is very subjective and depends on an individual. It is better to weigh the options for yourself and choose whether you should join online or offline coaching depending on whatever suits you the best. Choose whichever is favorable to your study progress, whether it is online CLAT preparation or offline.