The First Year 

First-year in NLU sounds exciting, right? But as you all know, getting into an NLU can be a tough job. So, you’ve to go the extra mile to crack the CLAT Exam. You can enroll in our CLAT Coaching classes to crack the entrance exam and get into your dream NLU.  Life at NLU is really amazing.

Many students move out of the house for the first time, and they want to experience everything. But, first year is also about learning a lot of new things and setting your basics right. You need to set a balance between the sudden influx of freedom and daily lectures. Don’t even think of bunking lectures because this is where you can add some valuable points to your final CGPA.

Even before you get to know your classmates, it is the time for elections. After some weeks of political gameplay, your batch representatives are elected. If you want to represent your batch, you can stand as a candidate. If you win, the whole college gets to know you.

First year is also about the grand fresher’s party. Put on your dancing shoes and get on the floor as there is no escape here. The pre-freshers events and the fresher’s day is the best time to get close and interactive with your seniors. Don’t miss this chance, else you’ll regret it.

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Moot and Debates

You had enough of a year to understand how a law college works; now, it’s time to reflect on the things you need to improve. This is the first time when you get a chance to experience lawyer life. Entering the second semester, you’ll probably experience the most exciting event, the fresher’s internal moot. The first chance you get to apply all that you learned and all your extra readings into practice. Though it is discretionary to take up the moot, go for it. After all, you are in a law school. The moot preparation also gets you to know how resourceful your seniors are. And this is the best opportunity to start off your mooting career.


Internships play a significant and compulsory part in the law school curriculum. Since the NLU is a professional course, students are required to intern every semester. Students get to gain an on-field experience. Internships can be taken up at various industries like NGOs, Governmental Departments, Libraries, Lawyer Chambers, Corporates, Banks, Publishing Houses and Law firms. You can divide your internships for each semester and experience different fields. This way, at the end of the fifth-year, you can figure out where your interest lies and join that industry.   

Sports and Extracurricular Activities

Sports and extra-curricular activities are also as important as academics. Sports form one of the most important aspects for enhancing concentration level and sportsman spirit in a student. NLUs host inter-college fests and many students participate in it from various law colleges. It helps the students to interact with their peers and form new connections. Life at NLU is a lot fun than you know.

Recreational activities in any form of music, dance and other cultural activities play a pivotal role in the development of students. These make you stand out in a crowd and help you showcase your talent and potential. 

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This is the time when you put all your learnings and grades on the table. All your achievements come into play when you sit for an interview and crack it for your dream company. These five years play a very crucial role in your life, as you have invested your precious time and your parent’s money. 

Your NLU days will be filled with excitement and fun that is the life at NLU. Pull up your socks, gather all the law books but do not forget to enjoy your time here. It’s all how you take it. Have fun!