People are mostly aware of their fundamental rights, but there are many laws that are not known or are misinformed to people. Everyone must be informed about the other basic laws regulated by the Indian Legal System. Some of the lesser known laws are stated below:

A rape victim can register FIR at any police station – Which comes under the Right to Zero FIR. Sending complainants to other police stations to keep clear of responsibility is very common, sad but true. This right means they can’t send you away, claiming it doesn’t come under their area.

Littering – Making streets untidy is an offence, but most of the people are not aware about this law. They eat and leave the plastic packets and litter on the streets and have no idea that it is an offence and punishable crime to do so. They’ll have to pay if they are caught or somebody complaints about that. One can be liable to pay a large amount of fine or even go to jail for this crime. In some Indian cities, spitting and urinating in a public area is also a crime.

A rape case can’t be dismissed even if the doctor says rape has not taken place – A rape victim needs to be medically examined as per Section 164 A of the Criminal Procedure Code. The medical officer can only make a statement on the evidence of recent sexual activity. The doctor can’t make the final decision; whether the rape has occurred or not is a legal conclusion.

Women can’t be arrested between 6 pm to 6 am – If a woman is to be arrested, it is only possible if she is arrested by a woman officer and taken to an all-woman police station or with the written permission of the Judicial Magistrate.

Women have the right to lodge virtual complaints – A woman can lodge a complaint via an email or a registered post to the Deputy Commissioner or Commissioner of Police if by any reason, she is unable to go to the police station. The police can then come to the place of residence. 

Anti-smoking laws – According to the Anti-smoking law, smoking in a public area has been banned since the year 2008. The minimum age of buying tobacco in India is 18 years. A penalty of INR 200 will be charged if found smoking in public. Public places include schools, public offices, colleges, parks, hospitals etc. Smoking is injurious to health, and more than millions of people die because of smoking in India. Nowadays, even children tend to follow this habit, which is so bad for their health. 

You can ask for water free of charge – According to Indian Sarais Act, 1887, any person can ask for water free of charge from any hotel/restaurant at any time for themselves and their pets. Furthermore, he or she can also use the washroom for free, and no one can say no to them. It is your legal right to demand water from any hotel at any time.

Live-in relationships – Live-in relationships are not illegal in India; sadly, most landlords don’t seem to care. Also, children born of the union are entitled to inheritance rights.

Maximum Retail Price (MRP) – You don’t have to pay the MRP; you can buy for less. MRP is the Maximum Retail Price, and as consumers, you have the right to bargain for a price below that. However, a seller cannot go beyond the MRP.

Explosion of LPG – If by any chance your cylinder explodes, you are entitled to receive Rs. 40 lakh cover. Many people are unaware that domestic LPG consumers are entitled to a reimbursement of Rs. 40 lakh in case of loss of life or property damage due to the cylinder explosion.

A public notice is must when buying a land – While buying immovable property, like a building, land or a flat, giving a public notice in the newspaper is a must. It doesn’t matter which one, and it need not be English; any state language with a good circulation will do. This Public notice will protect your interest in the court if you face any litigation regarding your purchased property.

One time fine – If you have been fined once in the day, you may be excused after that. Riding around without a helmet can get you into trouble, but if you’re fined for it in a day, you can skip the next challan for the same day till midnight. Yes, but this is not an encouragement to do so. Please be safe while driving.

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