CLAT Current Affairs is one of the most scoring subjects in the exam. A candidate who wants to perform well in CLAT 2022 must be aware of daily current affairs. With a vivid knowledge of this section, aspirants shall be able to crack the exam hassle-free. For many students, the general knowledge section is a frightening experience. However, that should not be the approach. Instead, start collecting as much information as possible and sort them out according to the genre. This shall help to have an overview and make revision easier. 

Now we shall discuss the essential legal current affairs for May. At the end of the article, there are some special tricks and hacks for you to ace CLAT’s general awareness section easily. 

Law Current Affairs for May

Let us have a look at the most crucial legal current affairs information for May:

  • Victory Day of Russia

Like every other year, 9th May was celebrated as the Victory Day of Russia. This particular day is dedicated to the commemoration of the grand victory of the Soviet Union in bringing down the Nazi forces during World War II. The celebration of the day was started in the year 1965 by the then Soviet Union Leader – Brezhnev.

  • Jammu and Kashmir Delimitation Panel

On 7th May 2022, the final orders of the J&K delimitation panel were signed. The orders aim at redrawing the assembly constituencies of Jammu and Kashmir. Retired Justice Ranjana Desai heads the commission. 

  • National Youth Policy Latest Draft

The Indian Central Government has proposed a newly launched draft of NYP or National Youth Policy. The particular part of this policy is that it is an envisioned program-based draft for the upcoming ten years. Various policies have been revised and added with the purpose of the Youth Development of India. 

  • Disinformation Report Policies

A vital aspect of social media usage has been highlighted by the well-known Non-Profit Organization – The Future of India. The report has brought various factors regarding the freedom of speech and expression on social media platforms. The report also outlines how companies and individuals will have to reconsider their expression on social media platforms to prevent the spread of false and misleading information, including fake news. 

  • Neobank

India’s 100th Unicorn Set Up is attracting the attention of the country. This is a Bengaluru-based start-up. The company has already raised a new fund of USD 1 billion. It is expected to rise even more. The IIFL Mumbai (a famous Mumbai-based investment firm) has helped the project raise funds. 

  • India 2022 Nordic Summit 

We have recently seen some fantastic snaps of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Denmark. The pictures were of the second India-Nordic Summit. It was held in Denmark’s capital city – Copenhagen. The Summit was focused on India’s consolidated permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council. The Summit also addressed various other issues of current world affairs and was a reminder that India will work for the betterment of the world. 

  • RBI Monetary Policy Committee Update

The Monetary Policy Committee of RBI, also known as MPC, made some significant announcements recently. Forty basis points have increased the repo rate for Liquidity Adjustment Facility (LAF), and the new figures stand at 4.40 %. There have been various essential decisions regarding the accommodative stance of the Indian Finance as well. The meeting was an unscheduled one but was held owing to an urgent call of the hour. 

Tips to Score Well in the Current Affairs Section of CLAT

Studying well and revising even better are the most important strategies that can help a student ace this section. Apart from hard work, some smart work can also save time and effort. Here are some important tips for the candidates: 

  • Always refer to trusted newspapers when it comes to facts. You can also check trusted internet sites. In this case, social media platforms like Facebook or Instagram may not always be trustworthy. Many people spread fake news and information through social media. So you need to be wary of them.
  • Start writing the points. Even if you have a very sharp memory, at times, it is not enough to score well in the exam. Instead, it will be much easier to revise if you have a notebook where everything is written down simply as per the information genre.
  • Update yourself every day. Current affair is a dynamic field. Every single moment something new comes up. So keep on updating yourself and stay in touch with the latest news and information.

Wrapping It Up

It is better to join a CLAT preparation course to ace the CLAT exam and have first-hand access to all the updated legal current affairs information. Also, practice current affairs mock tests and previous year’s question papers to understand the question pattern better and identify the weak points in your preparation.