The Consortium of National Law Universities administers the Common Law Admission Test, a very competitive law exam. We have supplied CLAT 2022 exam last-minute preparation tips because the exam is scheduled for June 2022.

It is often recommended that last-minute preparation begin at least a month before the exam. However, one month is sufficient for revision because you have already studied each topic in-depth.

Quick revision, solving as many CLAT previous year question papers and mock exams as possible, taking excellent care of health, and other factors are all part of the last-minute preparation for CLAT 2022.

Following these guidelines after studying the complete curriculum can aid in passing the exam with a high mark:

  1. Create an effective CLAT preparation strategy

Candidates cramming for the last-minute CLAT preparation should plan thoroughly. It will assist students in preparing for the national-level law entrance exam without trouble. Candidates should develop a strategy after considering the following factors:

  • Time remaining for the entrance exam
  • Essential topics for CLAT 2022
  • Pending subjects to cover before the entrance exam
  1. Examining the marking method and exam format

Examine the paper’s marking scheme. Get your hands on a marking scheme for the paper that breaks down the marks by subject. Look at the chapters with the highest and lowest grades.

  1. Concentrate on doing revision

Candidates should review the key themes they have already studied during their preparation. This will assist students in memorizing CLAT 2022 vital themes and correctly answering questions on exam day.

Candidates should avoid learning new topics in the days leading up to the entrance exam. It will cause additional stress, which will undermine their confidence.

  1. Study Previous Year’s Exam Papers

Candidates should solve as many previous year CLAT question papers as possible to improve their speed and accuracy. Examine the past five years’ papers; nearly half to eighty percent of the questions are almost always repeated. Even if no related questions are asked, you may be asked a question about a similar topic, which you can quickly solve if you are familiar with the concept.

Candidates should also take CLAT 2022 practice exams to improve their time management abilities and answer accuracy. Increasing accuracy when answering CLAT questions can also assist candidates in avoiding receiving negative markings on the admissions test.

  1. Examine the paper’s layout. 

While preparing from the previous year’s question papers, see how many different forms of objective questions are there and how many different types of short and long answers? Look for optional questions next. Examine whether there are internal choices from the same chapter or external choices from separate chapters.

If possible, purchase a book from the market that contains past papers or, better yet, a book that contains chapter-by-chapter/concept-by-concept questions from the exam. So now you have some ready-made information, and you don’t have to waste time analyzing it because the books have already separated the questions according to the exam topics.

  1. Maintain your concentration.

It’s natural to feel anxious as the entrance exam approaches. Most applicants begin to feel anxious. However, such signals are not encouraging for CLAT candidates. It will harm their entrance exam preparation. 

So, they should remain focused and relaxed and not get too stressed about the CLAT 2022 exam. They should live a healthy lifestyle and put up all of their effort and attention to enjoy the benefits in the future.

  1. Examine your results from the practice tests.

Reflecting on your mock test results will provide you with an accurate assessment of where you stand at the start of the preparation process. Do not be discouraged if you fail. It’s time to assess the situation and devise a strategy. This is important since it will help you visualize which parts of your preparation are weak. In a notepad, write down your mock test score and the date and time you took it.

Tips for Attempting CLAT 2022 Questions on Exam Day 

  • Read the CLAT 2022 question paper guidelines for at least five minutes on exam day.
  • To keep ample time, you should answer the most straightforward questions first and then go on to the more difficult questions later.
  • Before answering the comprehension passage-based questions, you should attentively read the passage.
  • Appropriately mark the correct answer on the OMR sheet to avoid disputes.
  • Complete all questions and recheck the answers at least 20 minutes before the deadline.
  • You must adhere to any COVID-19 safety precautions published by the Consortium of NLUs.

The hour before the exam is valuable since you must be calm and comfortable answering the questions. Make an effort not to become stressed or concerned about the question paper. Relax and start answering the questions.