How to Prepare for CLAT in Class 12th

Class 12 holds a special place in the hearts of the students for a number of reasons. It is the last stage of school life. The students want to cherish the time and moments with their classmates and friends, but this is also the phase of important board exams. The score of the 12th board plays a significant role in most college admissions. Moreover, for the students who want to choose law as their path and start the CLAT preparation, things become all the more difficult. How to prepare for CLAT in class 12th.

Various sorts of questions run in the mind of the students, like how to prepare for CLAT in class 12? Is it possible to crack the CLAT exam for class 12 students? How to prepare for CLAT without hampering board exam results?

If you are someone having questions like these, then we have got the answers for you. Here, you will find the best CLAT strategy and tips for CLAT preparation in class 12 without affecting your existing studies. 

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Plan it early

Most of the school students don’t have a clear vision about what they want to do in future. But if you are fortunate to have figured out that you want to become a lawyer by getting admission to top law universities like NLU, then you must start the preparation early. 

A common mistake made by students is that they think of preparation for law entrance exams during the vacation after board exams. You won’t get enough time to cover the essential CLAT topics and CLAT syllabus. It would be better to keep your preparation ongoing right from the start of class 12. Even giving one hour a day or 3-4 hours per week will also be a great plan. 

Create a study plan

Along with planning for the board exam, you should also create a plan for the law entrance exam. The challenge here will be not in creating the plan but sticking to it. It would be better to craft easy plans, like dedicating 3-4 hours on weekends. Don’t create long-term plans. Short-term plans are more effective. 

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Stay focused 

Don’t let yourself get distracted by anything from your studies. It is important to focus on both the school syllabus and CLAT courses. You can give yourself some time for other things like going out with your friends once a month. But the study plan should always be in the back of your mind. 

Choose some quality course

Along with studying CLAT preparation books, you should also lookout for some reliable and quality courses. For instance, you can enrol yourself in CLAT online classes or watch relevant videos on YouTube. Many CLAT coaching centres offer online classes on weekends for students to prepare for the law entrance exam with class 12. Utilize these courses and classes for your benefit. 

Manage your time

When you are studying for two things simultaneously, time management becomes the key. You should manage your time efficiently and judiciously to make a balance between the class 12 syllabus and CLAT preparation online

In the initial phase, you can give more time to law entrance preparation. As the board exams approach, shift more of your time to school books. 

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Choose study material wisely

CLAT syllabus is a bit complicated. That’s why you must be choosy with your study material. You will find hundreds of books, courses, and other things, but focusing on the right material is important. 

You should prepare yourself for logical reasoning, legal aptitude, current affairs, general knowledge, and Maths. For this, you can practice with the CLAT mock test series and CLAT crash courses. Mock tests help you to check your level of preparation and get an idea about what to expect in the exam paper. 

Another thing to do is read some good newspapers daily for half an hour. It will help you to improve your vocabulary and stay updated with current affairs. 

Effective revision

Once your class 12 exams are over, you have all the time for CLAT preparation. The time period will be short, so it would be better to keep it packed for an effective revision. Don’t use it completely for studying new topics. Most of it should be dedicated to only the revision. 

Wrapping Up:

It is absolutely possible to crack the law entrance exam during class 12. What you need is to manage your time well, create a strategy and stick to it, find some course for better preparation, choose the topics wisely, and keep some time for revision before the law exam. If you follow the tips mentioned above, your chances to crack the law exam while scoring well in board exams will increase. Prepare for CLAT in Class 12th.