The Common Law Admission Test or CLAT is the first gateway to pursuing a career in law. It allows the aspiring lawyer to get entry into one of the 22 prestigious National Law Universities in the country. However, one needs to crack the admission test appearing in different subjects, and one of the scoring papers is current affairs. CLAT’s current affairs section covers around 25% of the entrance test paper, and one can definitely crack the exam by answering correctly all the 35 to 39 questions on current affairs. The current affairs for CLAT include general knowledge questions, and one should prepare accordingly to answer all the questions and score high marks.

Preparing for current affairs

To master the tips and tricks of current affairs for CLAT 2022, one must first go through the CLAT syllabus. One can readily get the syllabus of all the subjects by visiting the CLAT website or directly clicking the link In current affairs, the syllabus includes passages from non-fiction writings, news, or journalistic sources. Without knowing the syllabus, it isn’t easy to prepare for the same. The general knowledge section in this subject includes topics from international affairs, contemporary and correct events significant for the country and the world, arts and culture, and history and events thereof with significance. However, one need not have to have any prior understanding of the law, and the questions are general. After going through the CLAT current affairs syllabus, it is time for preparations.

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 Mastering the subject

One has to do a selective study of current affairs for CLAT preparation. If you are a newbie and sitting in the exams for the first time and have enough time in preparations, then read one of the best national newspapers, particularly English daily, watch news channels, read some books on currents affairs together with knowledge.

Go through the past year’s question papers for the trends and the pattern and prepare accordingly. During the preparations, it may so happen that one may forget some topic or answers on current affairs. If you are worried about your forgetfulness and thinking about how to remember current affairs for CLAT, revision is one of the best methods. The revision of the subject will help you remember the topics, hone your analyzing abilities, and link one information with another for answering the questions. It may help to comprehend what’s in a passage. During understanding the passage, one may get answers to other current affairs questions. 

Using the best resources 

Apart from reading some of the leading newspapers, watching the news and other subject-related channels on television, or surfing the internet, one can read the best current affairs book for CLAT and memorize the events and happenings across the country and the globe. Reading the editorials in the newspapers or the special articles on any particular topic can help remember the subject. Go through past questions and answer them against time to crack the current affairs questions for CLAT 2022. When you revise and practice more in answering the questions, it helps to remember the subject as if one had memorized it. 

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Going for Mnemonics 

You can create your own mnemonics for remembering the answers to various sequential questions. It is one of the best methods to memorize the answers on current affairs. With a bit of practice, one can master this trick and remember what they have studied in current affairs. 

Practice writing against time – CLAT is a time-bound pen and paper examination. Therefore to memorize the subject, one should practice writing the answers by starting the stopwatch of their mobile phone. As you practice writing, one can remember things much better. Again you can go for joint studies with some of your friends who are also preparing for the CLAT examination. It will help you have a competitive mindset and gather knowledge on something that you do not know or have overlooked. 

One can prepare their questions and answer them in FAQ format. Preparing the questions and answering them helps to read the entire article in the newspaper without reading selective portions. It helps to gather more knowledge on any particular current affair issue, and one can surf the internet for more if the topic is of utmost importance. 

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Frequently asked Questions

1. How many passages and questions are there in the CLAT exam current affairs?

In general, 6 or 7 passages are given on current affairs on CLAT, and one has to answer 4 or 5 questions from each of them. The questions on the passages are objective, and MCQ type, and thus one needs to read the passages carefully and select the correct answer.

2. Do I need to join any coaching center for current affairs preparations? 

One can obviously join one of the best coaching centers to master the tips and tricks and remember the topics on current affairs if they do not find anyone to discuss the subject or are unable to arrange joint or group study. Practicing with others helps bring out competitiveness, hone the skills, and have analytical abilities. 

3. Can you tell me the type of questions and where to get the suggestions? 

The questions are based on comprehension. One can go through the past years’ questions and look at the trends. However, suppose the questions are too old and somewhat irrelevant to date. In that case, it is best to read the newspaper articles, watch news channels and other related informative channels, make your own questions and answer them in witting. One can memorize the current incidences by going through them and doing much practice in writing. Writing helps to remember the answers. 


One should not be nervous preparing for the CLAT current affairs paper and maser the tips and tricks mentioned above. With practice and dedication, one can answer a maximum number of questions correctly and boost the overall CLAT score to get entry into one of the best Law universities in the country. Stay informed and be knowledgeable on currents affairs across the globe and come out with flying colors cracking the admission test.