Time management in CLAT

We all know that competition in CLAT is increasing exponentially. Hence the students must put maximum effort while preparing to crack their dream NLU. Along with answering the questions correctly, you’ll have to keep track of time to ensure you finish the paper within the time period. 

CLAT aspirants need to possess both aptitude and speed to score the maximum marks. The duration of the exam is 2 hours, wherein students need to attempt 150 questions with the ghost of negative marking hovering over their head when answering any unsure question. 

Students have 120 minutes, i.e., 7200 seconds, to attempt 150 questions. On average, they have to attempt 150 questions in 48 seconds, i.e., less than a minute. 

So, in an exam full of conundrums, where your speed, knowledge, and accuracy are deeply entangled with each other, how should you excel? In this article, you’ll read about time management in CLAT and how to boost up your speed.

Divide the section of the paper

CLAT being a 2-hour long exam, expects you to be agile. As a mess of a few minutes can either put a pedestal in your success or jeopardize your dreams.

In order to make judicious use of the time available, divide your time in the five sections. Instead of looking at the paper as a 2-hour long test, think of it as five different tests, each with the duration you want to allot. 

For instance, if you want to start with English as it is easy most of the time, try to finish it within 20 minutes. Read the passage and questions and tick the answers you are sure of. 

While dealing with the section, you must assume that you are taking a 20-minute long test where you need to attend approx. 28 questions. Hence you need to monitor the time of each section while preparing. 

Likewise, you must attempt Legal and Logical in around 30-35 minutes and GK and Maths in 20 minutes. You can of course shuffle the order of subjects and time according to your strengths and weaknesses. But make sure you practice in the same way to become habitual. 

Concentrate and focus

Reading a passage or a question several times can waste your precious time. You might feel that you’re distracted at the start because of the habit acquired over the years. But if this habit persists, then the chances of success are halved. So the sooner you get rid of it, the better it is. 

While preparing, try to get rid of the habit of reading a sentence several times. Start by reading anything and everything at your hand and try to comprehend the meaning while reading. Push yourself to start again if you need to re-read one sentence, but read the entire thing in one go by avoiding repetitions. Getting over this handicap will take time, but this will be very helpful in picking up the speed in the CLAT exam

Take CLAT mocks religiously

Taking mocks regularly is the most important aspect to increase your speed. 

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Remember that actual preparation begins after completion of the course and when you start taking CLAT mock tests

At the start, despite completing the curriculum, your scores in the first few mocks won’t be impressive. But don’t be in distress and keep practicing. 

Every time you take a test, you have to evaluate your performance so you can work on your strengths and weak areas. Also, it will help you to avoid similar mistakes in the subsequent mocks. 

The gain of doing this consistently will be tremendous. Firstly, it will help you manage your time more effectively and efficiently; secondly, your understanding of the paper pattern will increase manifold with every mock test.

Tips to Improve Reading Speed in CLAT

Few tips to improve reading speed for CLAT Exam are –

  • Read the first few and the last few lines of each paragraph. This will provide you with an idea of what the paragraph deals with. Also, this could help you in answering 1 or 2 questions. 
  • Try to read as many articles, blogs and passages one after the other. So you know if you’re able to concentrate while reading a chunk of passages together or not.
  • Be familiar with some legal topics and political issues happening around the world, as passages from recent topics can be asked in the exam. This will help save some reading time in the examination.

Last Word

Be consistent and keep practicing, as this will help you increase your speed and train your mind to complete the exam in the designated time. 

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