How to Choose the Right LLM College Abroad in 2022?

LLM stands for Latin Legum Magister, which is a master’s degree in the field of law. The reason most law graduates today want to pursue LLM from abroad is because of the exposure, knowledge, money, and opportunities coming with it at the international level. 

If you are a young Indian graduate who is looking for the best LLM institutes overseas, then we have curated the right steps for it.

Things to Look Out for Before Choosing Best LLM College

Do your research properly

While choosing the right college, research related to the quality of education is a must.

Many students fall into the trap of the greedy middleman. Middlemen often provide wrong details about the education and campus and set students up in a below-average university.

Culture of college

Cultural differences and diversity is also big factor while choosing LLM colleges abroad. 

Consult with the college representative or helpline and research on the internet if that’s the right place for you considering the diversity a college has to offer.

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Look out for Scholarships

Getting into a big foreign institute is not every aspirant’s cup of tea. The simple reason is money associated with the course.

While foreign institutes give great exposure and knowledge, they also charge a great amount of tuition charges.

Many prominent universities in the world offer scholarships up to 100 percent. Keeping this in mind and filling the scholarship form can get you a degree of LLM from a foreign university at a very minimal fee.

On-campus assistance

While harassment and misbehaving with overseas students is not the major issue in today’s era, there are many institutes that are unable to prevent on-campus harassment and big issues like racism. 

Cultural differences between India and foreign countries can get you bullied. Recently American space agency NASA’s Indian American intern got shamed just because of her religious belief. 

Research on the internet and contacting alumni might help with knowledge regarding the cultural diversities of the campus.

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International students cell

A separate student cell for international students is a must to look out for when choosing the college. It helps you with issues like passport, student visa, on-campus harassment, etc. 

Career opportunities

While many universities provide degrees but don’t have an ecosystem where a graduate can get offers from the campus itself.

Campus placement is the most important factor for any college. It is better to choose a college where companies can offer you jobs just after your master’s. 

Many colleges organize job fairs where students can easily get opportunities for getting work.


On-campus accommodation is preferred by international students because it is very near to their classes and it saves the extra charges and expenses associated with transportation and food.

Living outside and away from campus is very expensive in European and western countries.

Part-time jobs

Students choose to work and make some money for their expenses and want to stay a little independent.

While money gives ultimate satisfaction and boosts self-confidence, this factor also can be considered that the city gives part-time jobs to the students.

Environment and climate

If you end up in a city with extremely hot or extremely cold weather, you might get sick and it might tense your family living in another country. Hot weather is often considered bad by Indians so you can keep them out of your priority.

Top 10 Foreign LLM Colleges

Here, we are mentioning some of the best universities for LLM abroad for making your research a little easier.

English-speaking countries are considered the best place to learn for Indian students.

Countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia are the top choices. Here are some choices of LLM in the USA, Canada, Australia, and LLM in the UK for Indian students.

  1. Harvard University, USA
  2. University of Oxford, UK
  3. Stanford University, USA
  4. University of Cambridge, UK
  5. University of Melbourne, Australia
  6. University of Toronto, Canada
  7. University of California(UCLA), USA
  8. McGill University, Canada
  9. Yale University, USA
  10. London School of Economics, UK


This article is going to help you shortlist and choose the right college for you. You should always keep in mind what country you want to be in. LLM abroad for Indian students is for youth who want to take their talents to the international level.

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