How to Attempt Multiple-Choice Questions in CLAT

Most of the law entrance exams are objective in nature and test the ability of students to make decisions quickly. However, students often get perplexed looking at these MCQs and are unable to make the right choice. To crack these questions, students require regular practice, the right knowledge, and skills. Knowing the right techniques and some MCQ tricks is also important to get the correct answer. This article will discuss how to solve MCQ questions in CLAT to crack the exam and get the desired result. 

Tips and Tricks to Solve MCQs in CLAT

Regular Practice

We all have heard that “Practice makes a man perfect”, which also holds true for the CLAT exam as the more you practice, you will find different ways of solving a question in the shortest time possible. Moreover, the continuous practice of MCQs will strengthen your knowledge and help you learn techniques to decode MCQ codes.

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Emphasize on Keywords

Candidates can find some keywords in the question that will lead to the answer, pay attention to them. While reading the question, look for such hints and scan all the options with respect to the same. You can determine the right option with the help of these keywords, and it will save you from marking the wrong answer. 

Apply Logics

While answering questions in CLAT, you cannot choose the answers on the basis of guesswork. Instead, your answer should be supported by strong logic and have a reason behind it. As you know that there is a negative marking in the CLAT exam; hence, the guesswork will not do the job. A logical approach towards the question and your confidence will help you get the correct answers. 

Be Patient to Answer

In the exam, it is possible that you know the answers to certain questions, and you might want to mark the answer even without looking at the alternate options. But, mind you, this is never a good idea. You must first read the question thoroughly, then consider the alternate options even if you know the answer. It is possible that you misinterpret the information or misread some figures in the first glimpse and end up marking the wrong answers. 

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Use Elimination Method 

When nothing else works, try the elimination method. Shift your focus from finding the right answer to eliminating the wrong ones. This strategy will narrow down your options and save your precious time to choose the right answer. Also, the exclusion method always works. 

Practice Well

Sometimes options are twisted in the exam to make them appear confusing. But when you practice well during your preparation, you get to know all the tactics that can be used to trick you. Practicing well will not only help you choose the right answer but also improve your speed and accuracy. So make sure you make the most of your preparation phase. 

Be Confident and Positive

To crack the right answer in MCQs, it is important to be confident and positive about your choice. If you seem to falter at any question, it is advised to look at the question once again and consider the options and make a choice only when you support the answer with correct reasoning. If not, try the elimination method; in case it doesn’t work, it’s best to leave the question and move on.

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Avoid Repetition 

If you want to crack CLAT, remember that you need to learn from your mistakes. After attempting CLAT mock tests, it is important that you analyze them to understand where you went wrong so you can avoid making similar mistakes. 

There are chances that you encounter similar questions in the exam that you have previously attempted, and learning from past mistakes will refrain from committing the same error again.

Time Management 

Managing your time well is very important to crack law entrance exams. Every paper has easy, moderate, and difficult questions. Therefore, it is essential to know which section you will attempt first and what type of questions you want to answer first. Managing your time well during the exam can play a crucial role in helping you crack the maximum number of MCQs correctly in the exam. Hence, it is advised to attempt the section you are most confident of first and the questions you can solve promptly and efficiently. 

The Last Word

We hope this article provided some CLAT MCQ solving tricks and helped you tackle questions more efficiently. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks and various articles on law entrance exams.