A lot of people will tell you that you can crack CLAT with just one or two months of preparation. But this is not true. Preparing for CLAT is not just a target, preparing for Law becomes a lifestyle for Law Aspirants. Being a law aspirant, and to crack the exam in your first attempt it is suggested that you start your preparation 7-8 months before the exam. Habits to adapt for CLAT are really important.

Here are some daily habits that will help you to ace your CLAT preparation while you prepare your curriculum:

  • Read Newspapers Daily

Reading newspapers daily is the first and paramount habit that all CLAT Aspirants need to adapt. It is of utmost priority to be in the know about the current news and the issues that are being highlighted in the newspapers. It is also important to stay updated with the new laws and regulations that are being implemented or considered by the government. Do not forget to read the editorials.

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  • Keep an eye on current affairs debates in the news

Being a law aspirant, it is critical that you have opinions on various current affairs going on in the world. It is also vital for you to understand the various perspectives. For instance, take the recent Kisaan Andolan going on in India. Being a law aspirant, you should be able to understand the main issue and the perspectives of the farmers as well as the government.

  • Follow a schedule for preparing

Discipline is the first rule of success. If you want to prepare well and crack CLAT in the first attempt, it is essential to follow a schedule and prepare with consistency and honesty. Following a schedule, you will also be able to manage time and distribute it accordingly for each subject on a daily basis.

  • Always set realistic goals while studying

A big mistake most CLAT Aspirants make is that they set very unrealistic goals for themselves. At the end of the month, they are not able to meet them, and hence, they end up being disappointed and demotivated. Therefore, always make sure that you are putting realistic goals for yourself. When you will find yourself meeting these goals, you will start feeling more confident and optimistic towards CLAT.

  • Attempt Mock Tests and Write Essays Regularly

It is necessary that you practice for the CLAT exam paper a lot. Incorporating the practice of solving question papers on a daily basis will make your problem-solving skills better and improve your overall paper solving speed. For PG CLAT Exam, writing 1 essay every other day will greatly improve your writing skills as well as your vocabulary.

  • Try to Learn Law Vocabulary and use it in your daily life

Being a law aspirant, you should be able to understand and speak words that are used by lawyers for official purposes, in documents, or in the general professional. Learning these words will make it easier for you to read complicated law papers and/or CLAT study material. This vocabulary will also get you bonus marks when it comes to CLAT PG essay type questions.

  • Follow your syllabus closely all the time

Whenever you read the newspaper, watch the debates, or even read random law articles on the internet, it is important to remember what is in your syllabus and what isn’t. Don’t be afraid to venture out of your study strategy, but make sure you do not waste too much time and energy on it. It is necessary for you to read your course material extensively and thoroughly.

  • Keep your Approach Positive

The most indispensable thing is to prepare with a positive approach. This means that you prepare with optimism and work hard for your exam. You need to avoid all negative, all the people who tell you negative things about the exam, or about your own strategy. The smart thing is to just focus on studying and believing in yourself.

  • Make a habit of reading more books

The habit of reading books related to law, current issues, and historic events builds your knowledge and perception of the world today. Reading books also increases your IQ and reading and comprehension skills. It will also build your vocabulary without even trying. This habit will also help you in your Law PG where you are required to go through Law study material and case studies extensively.