Habits Every CLAT Aspirant Must Inculcate

CLAT is one of the toughest law exams to crack as every student is putting their heart, soul, and sweat into their preparation which makes the competition much higher. But there are a few habits that distinguish a topper from other aspirants, which we’ll discuss in this article. This article brings you some effective habits of CLAT toppers that every law aspirant must follow. 

Study Habits for CLAT Students 

Follow a Schedule

The first and foremost thing to crack any competitive exam is to build a routine. Having a schedule allows you to know where you need to start and in what direction you need to move. It is a roadmap to success because, amidst exam pressure, you tend to forget important things. 

Read Newspaper Regularly

Reading a good newspaper every day is the prime step in CLAT preparation. Newspapers will give you an idea of the current happenings in the country and worldwide. It will also help you stay in sync with the new laws and regulations that are implemented in the country. Also, don’t miss the opinion and editorial page of the newspaper. 

Follow Your Syllabus Closely

Students must remember that they don’t have to deviate from the syllabus. Of course, you will read random news or articles on TV or the internet, but don’t keep on wasting your time. For instance, CLAT will test your IQ, reading skills, and critical thinking, so you don’t need to waste your time solving the toughest questions. You obviously need to know the basics and attempt a moderate level of questions but not waste too much time in solving questions out of the syllabus. 

Prepare Notes

It is crucial to prepare your own handwritten notes while preparing for the exam. You can prepare them subject-wise and topic-wise, so it is easier for you to revise them at regular intervals. Make sure your notes are short and easy to understand so you can use them at the last moment for quick revision

Revise Regularly

CLAT is unpredictable, and just completing the syllabus can’t guarantee success. You need to focus on revising and building a conceptual understanding of the topics. The most effective and efficient way to revise is by going through your notes. Since you have curated them as per your understanding, it will be easier for you to revise. 

Attempt Mock Tests Regularly 

Try to attempt the maximum number of CLAT mock tests during your preparation because this will give you an idea of the exam pattern and type of questions asked in the exam. It will also help you test your preparation level and improve your speed and accuracy. So, make sure you solve at least one mock test every day towards the end of your preparation and also analyze it. 

Set Realistic Goals 

The biggest mistake CLAT aspirants tend to make is setting unrealistic goals for themselves. And at the end of the month, when they are unable to meet them, they are left disappointed and demotivated. Therefore, always make sure your goals are realistic, and you can meet them without pressurizing yourself. When you accomplish these goals, you’ll start to feel more confident and positive. 

Stay Healthy

Nobody wants to waste their precious preparation time on ill-health. So to avoid that situation you need to take good care of your health. It is important to indulge in physical exercise like running, gyming, or yoga to stay fit during the preparation. Physical and mental health are essential to go through the exam phase. 

Sleep Well

The CLAT exam requires you to study for a long duration, and if you have a habit of studying late, your sleep cycle will be disturbed. To wake up fresh, you need to sleep at least 6-7 hours every night. This will allow your brain to function properly and concentrate more the next day. So you must sleep on time at night and wake up fresh every morning. 

The Last Word

We all know that exams bring stress and tension, but you need to stay calm and not let the stress get to you. Start preparing for the CLAT exam well in advance by following the aforementioned effective study habits and working hard. All the Best!