CLAT is a national-level entrance exam which is conducted for enrolling candidates into undergraduate law programs in the prestigious National Law Universities across the country. This exam attracts a lot of candidates as it is the only gateway for the NLUs. Almost every law aspirant appears in the CLAT exams, thereby adding to the competition level. It will be like a guide for CLAT 2022.

This makes it imperative for the candidates to have a very firm preparation. The CLAT exam consists of five segments which are very different from each other. The approach to tackling these segments is also very vivid. In this article, we will walk you through the tips and tricks to crack each section of the CLAT exam. 

English Language

  • This section is designed to test your language skills which include, but are not limited to vocabulary, comprehending proficiency and grammar.
  • Like Rome wasn’t built in a day, you can’t expect to build your language skills overnight. You need to give this section a regular practice every day to call yourself a master of the subject. 
  • Develop a habit of reading newspaper daily. This will increase your reading speed as well as your speed to comprehend while reading. 
  • Reading the editorial section can prove as an added benefit as it helps you in improving your grammar and vocabulary.
  • This will also help you with you GK and Current Affairs section. 
  • Practice at least two passages everyday to increase your speed and ability to solve the passages.
  • Learn how to break up a sentence into smaller part to understand it more effectively.

Current Affairs, including General Knowledge

  • The first and foremost tip anybody would give you for the GK and Current affair preparation is to read newspaper daily. 
  • Maintaining hand-written notes is considered as the best practice while preparing for this section.
  • Keep up with the latest events and happening by following a bulletin show on TV or referring to a good and reliable website on the internet.
  • Stick to a good journal or GK magazine for weekly and monthly overview of the current affairs.
  • Refer to yearbooks for static GK.
  • Take regular mock tests and quizzes related to GK and current affairs from various websites.

Legal Reasoning

  • This segment checks your knowledge and understanding on legal matters and social issues.
  • You will benefit from a general awareness of contemporary legal and moral issues to better apply general principles or propositions to the given fact scenarios.
  • This segment presents some content in the form of paragraphs or passages which the candidates have to read, decipher, and then land on a conclusion.
  • An individual’s reading speed is also tested in this section.
  • Candidates must understand that they have to be objective while deciding the answer.
  • The candidates must know that they will not require any prior knowledge of the law.
  •  Practice at least 25-30 questions daily from this section to ace it in the CLAT exam. It will help as a guide for CLAT 2022.

Logical Reasoning

  • This section includes a series of short passages of around 300 words each. Each passage will be followed by one of more questions where you will have to:
  • Critically analyze patterns of reasoning, and assess how conclusions may depend on particular premises or evidence;
  • Draw relationships and analogies, identify contradictions and equivalence, and assess the effectiveness of arguments.
  • Infer what follows from the passage and apply these inferences to new situations;
  • Read and identify the arguments set out in the passage;
  • Recognize an argument, its premises, and conclusions;

Quantitative Techniques

  • This section carries the lowest weightage amongst all the other ones but is one of the most scoring ones.
  • The questions in this section include a short set of facts or propositions, graphs, or other textual, pictorial, or diagrammatic representations of numerical information, followed by a series of questions.
  • The candidates will be required to analyze information from the questions and apply mathematical operations on such information to get the answer.
  • Referring NCERT 10th Level Mathematics book, R.S Agarwal, and R.D. Sharma for D.I. can be very beneficial for this section.

If you follow it, it will really help you, we are the guide for CLAT 2022.

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