In this male-dominated society, women are breaking the stereotypes and have come a long way. The legal profession in India is considered to be very significant and prestigious. This profession also offers excellent benefits such as social status, respect, high income, career longevity, and many more. Let’s talk about the women in law who acted as the trailblazers in this judiciary system of India.

Vrinda Grover

Vrinda Gover is a renowned advocate, women right activist, and a researcher based in Delhi, India. She actively engages in multiple human rights cases that involve domestic violence, survivors of sexual and communal violence, extrajudicial killings, trade unions, and sexual minorities. 

Times magazine gave her the honour by identifying her as one of the world’s 100 most influential people in 2013. 

Indira Jaising 

Indira Jiasing is a senior advocate at the Supreme Court of India. Along with her husband Anand Grover, a human rights lawyer, she founded a legal NGO, the Lawyers’ Collective. It was founded in 1980 for the rights of women, sex workers, LGBTQ, and many other socially disadvantaged groups.

In 1989, she exposed Justice Ramaswamy, by fighting against corruption in Indian Judiciary.

She pursued Bachelor of Arts from Bangalore University, and in 1962 completed her postgraduate degree in Law from the University of Bombay.

Meenakshi Lekhi 

Meenakshi Lekhi is a Politician and a Lawyer at the Supreme Court of India. She works with Bharatiya Janta Party, representing the New Delhi constituency in the 16th and 17th Lok Sabha. 

Lekhi played a crucial part in Drafting Committees for ‘Sexual Harassment at Workplace’ and ‘Women Reservation Bill’. She also participates in Television debates important for National and International matters.

Menaka Guruswamy

Menaka Guruswamy is a talented advocate at the Supreme Court of India. She raised her voice and petitioned against section 377, Law that criminalized same-sex relationship in India. She also succeeded in abolishing it on September 6th, 2018 making it a historic win for Indian Judiciary.

She is a BR Ambedkar Research Scholar and a professor at Columbia Law School. She was also awarded a Doctor of Philosophy in Law.

Karuna Nandy 

Karuna Nandy is a Supreme Court lawyer. She expertise in media law, constitutional law, arbitration and commercial litigation. She is known for leading the feminism wave and contributed to gender justice movement in India.

After the Nirbhaya Rape Case, she engaged herself in drafting and framing the anti-rape bill. This daring lady fought for the Bhopal Gas Tragedy victims and succeeded in cutting supply carcinogenic chemicals from factories. 

She was described as a ‘Mind that Matters’ by Forbes Magazine.

Flavia Agnes

Flavia Agnes is a High Court lawyer who works for women’s rights. She’s a co-founder of MAJLIS, legal and cultural centre for women’s rights. 

Flavia played an essential role in contextualizing issues of gender and identity. She is also a prolific writer and has provided analysis on domestic violence, secularism, gender and law, feminism jurisprudence.

She talks to women about sexual and family abuse and participates in national conferences for women’s liberation. 

Pinky Anand 

Pinky Anand is a graduate from Lady Shri Ram College for women and holds a B.A. LLB degree from Faculty of Law, University of Delhi.

She is the second women lawyer to be appointed as a Senior Advocate at the Supreme Court of India. She is honoured with French National Order of Merit by President of the French Republic and has received several awards including FICCI and Bharat Nirman.

Mishi Choudhary 

Mishi is the only lawyer to appear in the Indian and US Supreme Court in the same term. She is a digital rights activist and a technology lawyer.

Mishi has an LLB degree and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Delhi, and an LLM degree from the University of Columbia. She established in India to protect human rights and provide benefits to internet users. She is considered to be the best technology lawyer. 

Zia Mody

Zia Mody is an Indian corporate lawyer and a Female Business Icon. 

She is the founder of AZB & Partners, India’s leading law firm the firm maintains nearly 40 per cent of her legal staff. 

She is considered an authority on securities law, corporate merger and acquisition law, private equity and project finance. She is recognized to contribute to the legal world both nationally and internally. 

Deepika Singh Rajawat 

She is famous for handling Kathua Rape Case in Kashmir. She was the one who filed a written petition for Asifa’s case and has done commendable work for juvenile justice.

Deepika Singh is the Chairperson of ‘Voice For Rights,’ an NGO working for human rights, and she also works for a Delhi based NGO named ‘CRY’ to protect child rights.