When someone thinks about activities in law schools, the visuals of black coats, case files, heavy books, and serious looks approach the mind. These things throw a serious impression of the law occupation. But, when it comes to law schools and colleges, there is nothing like that. 

Like other Law colleges, law students also have a life-changing and memorable five-year journey during their college time. It is not only about the studies, but also several other things and extracurricular activities. These activities somehow help the students to enhance their oratory skills, analytical skills and develop leadership qualities. 

Moreover, to become a top-class lawyer, only academic records don’t matter. Extracurricular activities also play a big role in shaping up the career of the students. If you are doing online CLAT coaching, or just want to know about such activities, then this article is for you. Here, we have talked about some of the well-known extracurricular activities in law schools.

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1. Debates

The law profession is mostly about arguments and debates with the lawyer in opposition. This quality and skill come with consistent practice that starts right from law school. Another benefit of debating is that it improves public speaking skills and develops communication skills. 

By doing regular debates of around ten minutes during law school, the students become more capable of thinking logically before putting up their words and enhancing speech abilities. 

2. Networking

Many law schools form formal networking committees and clubs for students to learn the art of building relationships and network with people. A lawyer needs to network with his clients, other lawyers, committees, colleagues, and other people effectively for success. The networking opportunities start right from within the class, by building relationships with classmates. 

The law profession is a demanding job. If you are a law aspirant enrolled in CLAT online coaching or classes, you must start networking right from this time. It is really a valuable asset for success in your legal career. 

3. Moot Courts

This is the most sought extracurricular activity in law schools. In this activity, the students participate in a moot court, which is a simulated court for practice. It is like CLAT mock tests. The participants learn about the application of laws to certain assumptions, facts, etc. 

The benefits of moot courts are the development of diplomacy skills in students and learning the negotiation and dispute handling abilities. When students practice in the moot courts, they have to argue like real lawyers and win the given dispute or case. The winning lawyers are then awarded or rewarded. In addition, this activity also helps in honing critical thinking and oral advocacy skills. 

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4. Student Associations

Law schools form some associations for the students and assign them roles the way it happens in government organizations. Every student gets a different role and responsibility, such as planning administrator, liaison officer who coordinates and forms a communication between two entities, etc. This extracurricular activity is great for law students to develop soft skills, teamwork, leadership skills, etc. 

5. Sports

There are numerous benefits of playing sports for everyone, and this holds equal importance for law students as well. Sports activities and games like football, cricket, basketball, rugby, and other outdoor sports help in reducing stress, maintaining a fit and healthy body, improving breathing and oxygen levels, etc. 

A healthy body means a healthy mind. It helps students to work and perform better. Moreover, most of the sports are played in teams, which helps in learning the value of teamwork and leadership skills. Even the CLAT coaching centres suggest their students participate more in sports activities and gain these benefits. 

6. Chess Club

There is no game better than chess when it comes to improving critical thinking abilities, enhancing concentration and memory, and learning the art of outplaying the opposition. 

For law students, it is considered to be a must-play game because it helps in creating and adapting strategies, developing problem-solving skills, spot patterns, planning, patience, and more. This game should be a part of your life even if you are into law entrance or doing CLAT coaching and yet to take admission in a law school. 

Wrapping Up:

Whether you are a law school student or someone preparing for a law entrance exam, you must know about these extracurricular activities in law schools and use these to an advantage in your law career. Undoubtedly, there are several benefits of these activities that help you develop valuable skills and have a thriving life as a lawyer in the future. 

Know about more such activities? Write in the comments.